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Welcome to the NewLEGACYinc WikiEdit

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Like pro wrestling? Video games? Pro wrestling video games? Tee-hee's and/or giggles? Terrible puns and jokes made in bad taste? DICKWHALES? If so, this is the wiki for you!

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Hitbox stream (Official home of nL streams and Sprite memes.)

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Follow @newLEGACYinc on Twitter

nL Android App and Chrome Extension (Notifications for new nL streams, videos, and tweets) (the noicest nL related place on the internet)

nL Tab for a Cause Group (Raise money for charity by surfing the web)

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nL Discord Server (Talk about rasslin, gamin, and anything else)

Instagram Page (featuring the nL Submission Championship)

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nL on Senshudo TV and (More quick links to everything nL)

nL on Soundcloud and iTunes (For WWE event Discord commentaries. May feature more in the future)

nL T-Shirts (BIG SHIRTS! for BIG BOYS! and little shirts for little boys)

nL Tumblr page stream (Defunct took too much smackdown beef)

The newLEGACYinc CastEdit

The Squads: Edit

  • Johnny (our fearless leader)
  • LT (a man with giant teeth)
  • 50 Foot Blake (the Russo-approved Jabroni)
  • duel (3MBTeam) (the "funny" Australian)
  • Homer (3MBTeam)
  • "The Big Dawg" Jericho222 (3MBTeam) (has his own wrestling league ya know)
  • "The Chocolate Bomber" Htial (the quiet Canadian one who wins at everything, and gets milk in bags)
  • Dino Winwood (the impersonator and Paul Heyman guy)
  • Sprite (loves memes)
  • Adam (awesome anti depression charity man!)

Special Appearances by: Edit

  • Caveman (and his terrible puns)
  • Soundwave (Morgan Freeman)
  • TonyPizzaGuy
  • Vince Russo
  • IRM Stream (Will/Fitz/Bryan)
  • Chicken (LookatmyChicken)
  • Mike Rotch (ISW)
  • Dusty
  • Ragu (grill)
  • Smokey (nL's fearless leader's fearless cat, social media ambassador and the most adorable cat ever!)
  • "The Big Dog" Player Uno
  • "The Big Dog" Jervis Cottonbelly
  • Mr. Bakabella (R.I.P killed at King of Trios) (Father of Future World Champion Robocop Bakabella)
  • "The Big Dog" Andrew Everett (and his various flip and dives)
  • Johnny Yuma
  • "The Big Frog" Estonian ThunderFrog FarmerFrog

Other channels associated with NewLEGACYinc Edit

Former membersEdit

  • Thrasher (December 21st, 2014 - December 21st, 2014)
  • "Mr. 7531" Slip AKA Dane Cook AKA Man Called The Wedding Stinger (????-April 15, 2016) (Left on April 15. :( )

General, Easy Links of Interest from around the WikiEdit

Because there can never be too many links to stuff, right? Right?

nL Universes Edit

NL Universe Lore and Other Shenanigans

nL 2K14 PPVs:

nL 2K15 Universe:

nL 2K16 Universe:

nL 2007 Universe:

SVR06 GM Mode (Slipdown vs. Raw Johnny)

Season Modes: (Articles coming soon?) Edit

  • nL Duel (Wrestling Revolution) [NOTE: Same playlist as nL Slip. nL Duel starts at part 4]
  • nL (Booking Revolution)
  • Benjina (Pokemon HeartGold)
  • The Hernandez Family (EA UFC 2 Ultimate Team)
Hiatus (new part hasn't happened within three months or story played during special events)
Completed or retired

nL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015

Story Time


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