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Welcome to the NewLEGACYinc WikiEdit

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Like pro wrestling? Video games? Pro wrestling video games? Tee-hee's and/or giggles? Terrible puns and jokes made in bad taste? DICKWHALES? This is the wiki for you!

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Hitbox stream (The new home of nL. FUCK YEAH, HITBOX!!!!)

Follow @newLEGACYinc on Twitter stream (Currently Banned, FUCK TWITCH!!!!)(Currently unbanned, BUT FUCK TWITCH REGARDLESS)


The Current Characters:

  • Johnny (our fearless leader)
  • Slip (likes to disappear for months at a time)
  • duel (3MBTeam) (the "funny" Australian)
  • Jericho222 (3MBTeam) (has his own wrestling league ya know)
  • Dino Winwood (the impersonator)
  • "The Chocolate Bomber" Htial (the quiet one who wins at everything)

Special Appearances by:

  • TonyPizzaGuy
  • Homer (3MBTeam)
  • Caveman (and his terrible puns)
  • LT (who possibly smells a bit like tiger urine)
  • 50 Foot Blake (the Russo-approved jabroni)
  • Vince Russo (IT'S REEALL)
  • Sprite (not the drink... and a cheater)
  • It's Raining Meng (Will/Fitz/Bryan)
  • Adam (duel v2)
  • Chicken (LookatmyChicken)
  • Soundwave (Morgan Freeman) 
  • Tubbyemu 
  • Mike Rotch (ISW)
  • Dusty
  • Ragu (The female one)
  • LFace (In the Chat)
  • Colton AKA Colten (hates everybody)

Other Channels associated with newLEGACYinc

  • Hogan vs Flair
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  • It's Raining Meng
  • 3MBTeam
  • BigJerichool222 (JeriMAX)
  • mcstabbersonHQ
  • nlarchives
  • tonypizzaguy

Creative ConsultantEdit

  • Vince Russo

Hall of FameEdit

  • Danbopes
  • Vince Russo

Former membersEdit

  • Thrasher (December 21st, 2014 - December 21st, 2014)

General, Easy Links of Interest from around the WikiEdit

Because there can never be too many links to stuff, right? Right?

nL WWE Roster

nL Championships


nL Tournaments

Also stables

And tag teams

Latest activityEdit

NewLEGACYinc GM Mode (Slip vs. Johnny)

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