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Welcome to the NewLEGACYinc WikiEdit

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Jericho222Added by Jericho222
Like pro wrestling? Video games? Pro wrestling video games? Tee-hee's and/or giggles? Terrible puns and jokes made in bad taste? DICKWHALES? This is the wiki for you!

Characters & StatisticsEdit

The Current Characters:Edit

  • Johnny
  • Slip
  • duel (3MBTeam)
  • Homer (3MBTeam)
  • Jericho222 (3MBTeam)
  • Dino Winwood

Special Appearances by:

  • Caveman
  • LT
  • Blake
  • Htial
  • It's Raining Meng (Will/Fitz/Bryan)
  • Soundwave (and his many impressions)
  • TonythePizzaGuy

Other Channels associated with newLEGACYinc

  • Hogan vs Flair
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  • It's Raining Meng
  • 3MBTeam
  • BigJerichool222 (JeriMAX)
  • mcstabbersonHQ
  • nlarchives

Hall of FameEdit

  • David & Chris Young
  • Foofy and Daddy Wiggles are pending to be enducted.

Latest activityEdit

NewLEGACYinc GM Mode (Slip vs. Johnny)

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