The newLEGACY Linear Championship (or just the newLEGACY Championship) is a title created by newLEGACYinc on November 13th, 2016. The inaugrial championship match took place that night in a match between James Ellsworth, Kenny Omega, Tajiri and Finn Balor. The championship will work in the same way as the Big Jerichool Galacdick Openweight Championship, or that one title that Bear won, where wrestlers can win the title via in game matches, or in real life matches.


  1. Video Game and TV lineage are counted
  2. If a result is to be disputed, the magic 8 ball will decide the result
  3. Chins are optional

2K17 HistoryEdit

# Name Times Date/Event Match Type Defenses Bullshit Notes
1 James Ellsworth 1 13/11/2016 (WWE 2K17) Four Way Ladder Match
  1. Def. AJ Styles (Ladder match, Smackdown Live 22/11/2016)
Beat Kenny Omega, Tajiri and Finn Balor to become the inaugrial champion. This upset poor Johhny.
2 AJ Styles 1 20/12/2016 (Smackdown Live) Singles match
  1. Def. Baron Corbin & Dolph Ziggler (Triple Threat, Smackdown Live 27/12/2016)
This match was also for AJ's WWE Championship.
3 Rusev 1 31/12/2016 (WWE 2K17) Four Way Tables Match Beat AJ Styles, Tyler Breeze and Big E to somehow win.

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