NL Raw

Most of the NL Raw universe roster. Created by AsheelRules

nL's WWE 2K15 Universe began with a draft that took place on the 22nd of November.

The DraftEdit

The Champions of the nLverse

The Current Champions of the nLverse

# Raw Smackdown
1 Sting '91 Batista
2 Nikk Bell Sami InZayn
3 Kevin "The Mute" Nash Cold Stone Cream Austin
4 [REDACTED] Jey "Everybodys Favorite" Uso
5 Randy Orton Cody Rhodes
6 Goldust Sheamus
7 Daniel Bryan 2012 Rookie Orton
8 Natalya (Yeah Baybay!) Seth Trollins
9 Bo Dumbass Tyson Kidd
10 Chris Gloryhole Jericho The Rock
11 Curtis Axelmania Mark Henry
12 Jimmy Uso Bad News Barrett
13 Rob Van Dam... The whole fucking show! Big E
14 Rusev Naomi
15 Summer Raw Booker T
16 Tamina Snuka Bork Laser
17 Luke Harper Justin Gabriel
18 Kane Heart Break Child
19 Dolph Ziggler Daniel Bryan
20 AJ Lee Dean "Titty Master" Ambrose
21 Hulk Hogan The Miz
22 Ric Flair Chris Jericho Retro
23 Darren Young Cesaro
24 Cameron Fandango
25 Rey Mysterio Xavier Woods
26 Alberto Del Rio THE D-MAN KANE!
27 THE BIG GUY! Erick Rowan
28 Damien Sandow Adrian Neville
29 The other Sting William Regal
30 CM Punk Retro Bray Wyatt
31 Santino Marella Jack Swagger
32 The Ultimate Warrior Kofi Kingston
33 Triple H Titus O'Neil
34 The Undertaker Alberto Del Rio Retro
35 Roman Reigns John Cena
36 Batista BRIE MOoOOooOoDE
37 R-Truth The Big Show
38 UFCM Punk "Mr. Irrelevent" Corey Graves

DLC DraftEdit

Part Uno:Edit

This draft was done on December 21st, 2014 to give places to Lord Steven Regal, DDP, Bam Bam Bigelow, Lex Luger, Paige and Fit Finlay.

# Raw Smackdown
1 Fit Finlay Bam Bam Biggelow
2 Lex Luger DDP
3 Lord Steven Regal Paige

Part Dos:Edit

This draft took place on April 3rd, 2015 to give places to DLC characters from the One More Match, Hall of Pain, NXT and Warrior DLCs.

# Raw Smackdown
1 Andre the Wildcat Adam Rose
2 Christian Col. Mussafa
3 Edge Emma
4 The Great Khali General Adnan
5 Honky Tonk Man Konnor "The A"
6 Hunter Hearst Helmsley Just a Big Loser (JBL)
7 Viktor "The Ascension" Bobby "Rick" Rude
8 Randy Savage Undertaker 91
9 Sgt. Slaughter Dark Henry IHOP



Championship Champion
WWE Championship It's Gotta Be Kane!
WCW United States Championship Crow Sting
WWE Tag Team Championship The Samo-offs (Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler)
Diva's Championship Cameron Boyce


Championship Champion
World Heavyweight Championship Brock Lesnar
Intercontinental Championship Mark Henry
NXT Tag Team Championship Five Moves of Boom (John Cena And Kofi Kingston) (Thanks Fan)
Wimmen's Championship Brie Mode

The NXTees Edit

NXTees CHampion Mr. America
NXTees Tag Team Champions 5 Moves Of Boom
NXTees Womens Champion TBD


Championship Champion
WCW Hardcore Championship Kane
Brahma Bull Championship Batista
Smoking Skull Championship Ultimate Warrior

Tag Teams and StablesEdit


Name Members
The Filthy Animals Batista, Daniel Bryan (retro) & The Ultimate Warrior
Golden Axe Curtis Axel & Goldust
Hell's Gator Luke Harper & The Undertaker
Lite Vipe Chris Jericho & Randy Orton
New York Giants Andre the Giant, The Great Khali & Kevin Nash
Samo-Offs Dolph Ziggler & Roman Reigns


Name Members
Bad News Browns Bad News Barrett & T Booker
Bray Mode Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan & Fandango
CUNTS Randy Orton (Retro) & Seth Rollins
Five Moves of Boom John Cena & Kofi Kingston
Mizayn The Miz & Sami Zayn
The Russos Erick Rowan & Jey Uso

Duel Brand:Edit

Name Members
The Whole Fackin Show Col. Mustafa & Rob Van Dam

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