Smackdown is a show in nL's 2k18 Universe Mode. The show is run by general manager Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. Many consider it to be the B show. I personally consider it to BE a show. Get it, because... oh forget it.

Roster Edit

Superstar Finisher W/L Record Notes
Aiden English Director's Cut 0-1
Aleister Black Black Mass 2-5 The Man who broke Lesnar
Asuka Asuka Lock 4-2 Descendant of Frank Gotch
Baron Corbin End of the Day 2-2
Big Cass Cassatonic 0-0
Big E Big Ending 0-1
Big Show THE KO! 2-0 Mr. Money in the Bank
"Bad Ass" Billie Kay Shades of Kay 0-1
Bo Dallas Cross Bo-ds 0-2
Braun Strowman Live Murder 5-2

WWE Champion

A Hand Model

The Brian Kendrick The Kendrick and Captain's Hook 4-6

The Pirate King

British Bulldog Running Powerslam 0-4 He's looking for his title shot
Brock Lesnar F5 5-3
Cedric Alexander Lumbar Check 1-5
"Big Chaddy" Chad Gable Alpha Theory 2-5

European Champion

Calls himself the fastest rising star in the Roster

Charlotte Flair Figure 8 Leg Lock 5-1 Smackdown Women's Champion
Chris Jericho Codebreaker 5-4
Christian Killswitch 2-1
Curt Hawkins What a Fact 0-5

also called Mr. Facts

Often mistaken by nL Jericho as Kirk Hawkins

a Pervert

Dolph Ziggler

Zig Zag 0-3
Ember Moon Eclipse 0-2 Billionaire Half-Vampire
Emma Emma Lock 0-2
Enzo Amore Jawdonezo 0-0
Fandango The Deal 4-1 Smackdown Tag Team Champion
Gran Metalik Metalik Driver 0-3
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine Figure Four Leg Lock 0-1 General Manager
Kalisto Salida del Sol 4-1 The Man

Second Best Tiddies

Kofi Kingston Trouble in Paradise 1-1
Konnor Fall of Man 0-0
Mickie James Ellsworth Tornado DDT 2-3

NWA Intergender Champion

Daughter of Road Dogg

Married to NWA World Champ James Ellsworth

Mike Awesome Awesome Bomb 2-0

Royal Rumble winner

Free Agent

The Miz Skull Crushing Finale 2-3
Mr. Perfect Perfect Plex 0-4
Nia Jax The Leg Drop, Sister 0-1
No Way Jose No Way 9-5

Mr. Irrelevant

The Man With The Best Tiddies.

Paige Rampaige 0-0
Rezar One Man Super Collider 0-2
Rick "The Model" Martel Boston Crab 1-2 The Sexy Bitch
Rikishi Rikishi Driver 0-1
Ruby Riot Riot Kick 0-2

With 2 T's (And 2 Losses)

Rusev The Accolade 0-6
Sasha Banks Banks Statement 0-4 claimed by nL Jericho to be "THE Boss"
"The Sawce" Sawyer Fulton The Loose Explosion 2-1 a Living Legend

(The Other) Half-Vampire

Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music 4-1 Smackdown Tag Team Champion
Sheamus Brogue Kick 0-1
Shinsuke Nakamura Kinsasha 6-5

United States Champion Also called the United States Rockstar

Sin Cara Sinton Bomb 1-4

The Second most money making superstar in WWE

Sting Scorpion Deathlock 0-0
TJ Perkins Detonation Kick 2-1 Also called "Sexton Hardcastle"
Tye Dillinger The Tyebreaker 0-2
Vader Vader Bomb 8-2
Xavier Woods Neet Seeking Elbow 0-1
Zack Ryder Rough Ryder 1-1 Thicc

Tag Teams Edit

Name Members Notes
Miztico The Miz & Sin Cara
PERFECT10N Dolph Ziggler & Tye Dillinger
The Force Fandango & Shawn Michaels Smackdown Tag Team Champions
The New Day Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods Running the house show loop
TJPeeps Christian & TJ Perkins

Champions Edit

WWE Championship Edit

Name Days Held Event Won Notes
Chad Gable 30 2K18 Draft Awarded the title by General Manager Greg Valentine
No Way Jose 24 Royal Rumble This was a fatal four way also involving Brock Lesnar and Sawyer Fulton
Kalisto 30 No Way Out This was a triple threat also involving Aleister Black
Braun Strowman 0+ WrestleMania Won a Triple Threat Match also involving Cedric Alexander

United States Championship Edit

Name Days Held Event Won Notes
Shinsuke Nakamura 30 2K18 Draft Awarded the title by General Manager Greg Valentine
The Brian Kendrick 50? Royal Rumble This was a title vs career tables match
Shinsuke Nakamura 0+ WrestleMania Won a Title vs. Career No Holds Barred Match

European Championship Edit

Name Days Held Event Won Notes
Chad Gable 0+ WrestleMania Won the inaugural Big Daddy Memorial 20 Man Battle Royal

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Edit

Name Days Held Event Won Notes
Miztico (The Miz & Sin Cara) 54 2K18 Draft Awarded the titles by General Manager Greg Valentine
The Force (Fandango & Shawn Michaels) 0+ WrestleMania

Smackdown Women's Champion Edit

Name Days Held Event Won Notes
Ruby Riot 30 2K18 Draft
Charlotte Flair 24+ Royal Rumble This was an 8 women Royal Rumble also featuring Asuka, Billie Kay, Ember Moon, Mickie James Ellsworth, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks

Results Edit

Episode 1Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 The Brian Kendrick def. Shinsuke Nakamura Singles match

Shinsuke Nakamura's entrance took longer than his music

Kendrick won via Avalanche Captain's Hook

Kendrick's career was on the line


2 The Force (Fandango & Shawn Michaels) def. PERFECT10N (Dolph Ziggler & Tye Dillinger) Tag Team match The Force won via a Russian Leg Sweep
3 Miztico (Sin Cara & The Miz) def. TJ Peeps (Christian & TJP) Tag Team match Miztico won via the Double Feature

TJP is now known as "Sexton Hardcastle"

4 Asuka def. Sasha Banks Singles match Asuka won via the She Calls it the Rear View
Main Event Brock Lesnar def. Rezar Singles match Lesnar won via the F5

Episode 2 Edit

# Match Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Chris Jericho def. Rusev Singles Match This Smackdown took place on Rusev Day

Jericho wins after a Codebreaker out of nowhere

Jericho and Rusev shook hands after the match

2 Baron Corbin def. Curt Hawkins Singles Match Corbin wins after a Deep Six

Jericho mistook Curt Hawkins for Kirk Hawkins who he hates for some reason

3 Mickie James Ellsworth def. Charlotte and Sasha Banks Triple Threat Jericho didn't realize that he said Mickie James Ellsworth

James wins by working Charlotte's Leg

4 Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Aleister Black to a No Contest Singles Match The Brian Kendrick attacked Nakamura during his entrance, scaring everyone

The Match never happened due to Kendrick's Interference

Shinsuke Nakamura def. The Brian Kendrick
Main Event Brock Lesnar def. No Relevance Jose Singles Match Lesnar won via the F5

After the match, Lesnar attacked No Relevance Jose thinking he was Corey Graves

Episode 3 Edit

# Match Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Vader def. Rusev Singles match

This Smackdown once again taking place on Rusev Day

Johnny suspects Jericho put a hit on Rusev, all of Rusev's opponents have been Jericho's favorite wrestlers

Vader won with a Vader Bomb

Vader attacked Rusev post match after Rusev was placed on a stretcher.

2 Zack Ryder def. Curt Hawkins and Aleister Black Triple threat match

Ryder won with a Rough Ryder on Hawkins

Zack Ryder is Thicc

Hawkins was too pre-occupied with demonstrating how to eliminate people from the Royal Rumble to win.

3 No Relevance Jose def. Chad Gable Singles match

Chad Gable might have been concussed mid-match

No Relevance Jose won via the No Way

4 Shinsuke Nakamura def. Mr. Perfect Singles match

Nakamura won via a third Kinsasha

Kendrick came out after the match to brawl with Nakamura.

Main Event Brock Lesnar def. Chris Jericho Singles match Before the match both Jericho & Lesnar had a handshake

Lesnar won via an F5

Episode 4 (Rumble Go-Home)Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Rusev vs Mr. Perfect to a No Contest Singles match


The game TOTALLY didn't break after this, resulting in this happening again. Nope, no way.

2 Big Van Sawyer Fulton def. No Way Jose Singles match Fulton pinned Jose off the Loose Explosion
3 Chris Jericho def. Curt Hawkins Singles match

Jericho pinned Hawkins off the Codebreaker

Curt Hawkins did a lot of pervy things in this match. (Most Notably, Filming Jericho rolling in pain)

4 Shinsuke Nakamura def. The Brian Kendrick Singles match

Nakamura pinned Kendrick off the kinsasha


Main Event Brock Lesnar def. Chad Gable Singles match Lesnar pinned Gable off the F5

Episode 5Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Brock Lesnar def. Chad Gable Singles match Lesnar pinned Gable off the F5
2 TJPeeps (Christian & Sexton Hardcastle) def. Miztico (The Miz & Sin Cara) Tag Team match

Hardcastle pinned Sin Cara off the Detonation Kick

The Miz change his Twitter name to "Mike Awesome"

- Shinsuke Nakamura and The Brian Kendrick cut a promo It's a promo

Nakamura looks defeated. He didn't even sync with his music.

He says The Brian Kendrick is a plague.

Kendrick is here, and he may or may not have a plan.

Kendrick was taking a nap.

Nakamura loves cereal, especially with marshmallows. He may be drunk.

Greg Valentine is in Kendrick's pocket.

Nakamura then attacked Kendrick after Kendrick insulted the city.

3 Mike Awesome def. Vader Singles match

Awesome pinned Vader off the Awesome Bomb



Main Event Chris Jericho def. No Way Jose Singles match

Jericho submit Jose with the Walls of Jericho

After the match both men shook hands

Episode 6Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Aleister Black def. Brock Lesnar Singles match Black's Dragon Sleeper is NASTY!


NO WAY! No Way Jose turned heel and came out to attack Aleister after the match while Brock Lesnar got sucked into a tornado

2 No Way Jose def. Rick Martel Singles Match

Jose pinned Martel with the No Way

Rick Martel corrupted No Way Jose with Arrogance to make him evil.

No Way Jose began to bleed, making him go even crazier. No Way Jose is practically a different man.

3 Asuka def. Ember Moon Women's Match

Asuka submit Moon with the Million Dollar Asuka Lock after a fucking crazy match.

If Asuka beats Ember Moon, she will win a million dollars.

Sawyer Fulton leads Ember Moon feed on him as he is also half-vampire

4 Vader def.  Rusev Singles match

Vader pinned Rusev with the Vadersault


If Rusev is victorious, Smackdown will go back to being on Rusev Day rather than on Vader Time


Main Event The Brian Kendrick def. Shinsuke Nakamura Singles match

Nakamura was counted out due to Kendrick's plan.

Kendrick baited Nakamura out of the ring before the match and attacked him.

Episode 7Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 KALISTO DEFEATED BROCK FUCKING LESNAR! Singles Match Kalisto almost died after getting his neck stuck in the ropes

What looked to be a squash match, Kalisto proved everyone wrong by being really good in the ring


2 No Way Jose def. Bo Dallas Singles Match The Sexy Bitches are No More

Jose won with the No Way

3 Asuka def. Ruby Riot Women's Match Asuka tapped out Riot with the Asuka Lock
4 Vader def. Rusev Single's Match IT'S VADER TIME!

This Match Scheduled for One Fall according to Jericho

Vader JUST came back from Heart Surgery.......Again

Rusev kept trying to rip off Vader's mask

Vader beat Rusev with a Vader Bomb, post match he smashed Rusev with a steel chair

Main Event Shinsuke Nakamura def. The Brian Kendrick Singles match

Nakamura pinned Kendrick in three minutes off of a Kinsasha.

Nakamura attacked Kendrick before the bell even rang.

Episode 8 (No Way Out Go-Home)Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Asuka def. Emma Women's Match Asuka submit Emma with an armbar
2 Chad Gable def. Bo Dallas Singles match Gable pinned Dallas off the Alpha Theory
3 No Way Jose def. Cedric Alexander Singles match Jose pinned Alexander off the No Way
4 Vader def. Gran Metalik Singles match

Vader pinned Metalik off the Vader Bomb Dos

A now healed Rusev attacked Vader before the match

It is suspected that underneath the Gran Metalik mask is Hiroshi Tanahashi

Main Event Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Brian Kendrick Singles match

The winner of this match would have decided the stipulation for their No Way Out title match

The match never started as Kendrick attacked Nakamura from behind.

Episode 9Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Kofi Kingston def. Xavier Woods and Big E Money in the Bank Qualifying match

Kofi pinned Woods off a monkey flip and a crossbody.

This match was punishment for New Day distracting Braun during the Greatest Balls of Fire event.

- Mickie James Ellsworth and Charlotte cut a promo It's a promo

Somebody is standing in her way, and that person is... CHARLOTTE

This is some Smackdown beef.

Mickie was recruiting for the NWA all along.

This promo is a mess, like damn.

2 Kalisto def. Cedric Alexander Singles match

Kalisto pinned Alexander off the Salida Del Sol

Braun came out post match to stare down Kalisto from the shadows.

3 No Way Jose def. British Bulldog Backstage Brawl


THEY'RE IN TYSON KIDD'S OFFICE! and... Stephanie McMahon is there... huh.

Jose put Bulldog away with the Bulplex. What the actual fuck happened?

4 Rick "The Model" Martel def. The Brian Kendrick Singles match

Martel pinned Kendrick with a running crossbody.

Nakamura assaulted Kendrick before the match.

- Vader cuts a promo Fuck Vader He talked shit and wants to fight real legends.
Main Event The Force (Fandango & Shawn Michaels) def. Perfect10n (Dolph Ziggler & Tye Dillinger) Tag Team match Michaels pinned Ziggler off of Sweet Chin Music.

Episode 10Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Shawn Michaels (w/ Fandango) def. Sin Cara (W/ The Miz) Singles match Michaels submit Cara with a sharpshooter
2 Vader def. Aiden English Singles match



3 Charlotte def. Mickie James Ellsworth Women's match Charlotte won via count out, but only because Mickie was being too brutal and didn't think about the count.
4 Chris Jericho def. Aleister Black, Cedric Alexander and Sheamus Fatal 4-way Money in the Bank Qualifying match

Jericho made Black tap out to the Wall of Jericho

What the actual fuck was this match

Now never sign Cedric

5 Braun Strowman def. Mr. Perfect Singles match

Braun won via countout after a fucking crazy match


- British Bulldog and No Way Jose cut a promo It's a promo

Bulldog is a compulsive liar

No Way Jose is the stinky bandit

180 for Bulldog to Jose's 90.

Main Event Chad Gable def. Shinsuke Nakamura Singles match

Gable pinned Nakamura off the Alpha Theory

The Brian Kendrick attacked Nakamura after the match, laying him out.

Episode 11Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Charlotte def. Emma Women's match

Charlotte submit Emma with the Figure 8.

Charlotte punched Emma before the match for not shaking her hand, and then the ref slapped Emma's titties.

2 The Miz def. Fandango Singles match Miz submit Fandango with the Figure 4
3 Kalisto def. Cedric Alexander Singles match

Kalisto, thankfully, pinned Cedric off a Salida Del Sol

Braun showed up after the match to stare down Kalisto

- Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow cut a promo It's a promo

Vader called out Bam Bam, who threatened to rip off Vader's head and shit down his neck.


4 Baron Corbin def. Mr. Perfect and Gran Metalik Money in the Bank qualifying Triple Threat match Corbin pinned Metalik off of Deep Six
5 Sawyer Fulton def. British Bulldog Singles match Fulton pinned Bulldog off THE SAUCE
Main Event Shinsuke Nakamura def. The Brian Kendrick Singles match

Nakamura pinned Kendrick off a kinsasha. NAKAMURA IS BACK!


Episode 12 (Wrestlemania Go-Home)Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
- British Bulldog killed Sawyer Fulton Backstage assault

Bulldog assaulted Fulton while he was arriving at the arena.

Bulldog pushed Fulton off a fucking truck, he's dead.

Bulldog might want Fulton's spot in the Money in the Bank qualifier

1 Cedric Alexander def. Braun Strowman Singles match

Cedric pinned Braun off a brainbuster.

It was later announced that Cedric Alexander would be added at the WWE Championship Match at Wrestlemania.

2 Mickie James Ellsworth def. Sasha Banks Women's match

Mickie pinned Sasha off a Mick-DT

Charlotte assaulted Mickie after the match.

3 No Way Jose vs Sting went to a no-contest Singles match THE MATCH NEVER HAPPENED BECAUSE BULLDOG ATTACKED JOSE IN THE BACK!
4 TJPeeps (Christian & Sexton Hardcastle) def. The Force (Fandango & Shawn Michaels) Tag Team match Sexton pinned Fandango off an assisted meteora
5 Bam Bam Bigelow def. Curt Hawkins Beat the Clock challenge

Bam Bam pinned Hawkins off the Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am

- The Brian Kendrick and Shinsuke Nakamura cut a promo It's a promo

Kendrick called out Nakamura

Nakamura wants to entertain the fans, but Kendrick thinks that Nakamura's time is up.

Main Event Big Show def. Dolph Ziggler, Rick Martel and Rikishi Money in the Bank qualifying fatal four way

Big Show pinned Ziggler off the WMD

Rikishi was the last minute replacement for Sawyer Fulton, who was assaulted and presumably killed by the British Bulldog

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