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The nL Universe is hosted on WWE 2K16, and combined elements from both the 2K14 PPV and 2K15 Universe Mode continuities. The season is noted for it's numerous setbacks, including the kayfabe deaths of Duel and Htial, scheduling problems, Jericho and his internet problems, and the series straight up dying for months. It was basically confirmed on March 28th that the series was not dead, but the match number had been bumped back down to 5.


At the end of the 2K14 nL Night of Champions pay-per-view, during the Triple Threat match for All the Marbles between K. Maleik Shabazz Steve Austin, Mark Henry, and Sin Cara, the pay-per-view feed was suddenly interrupted by several video messages.

Mr. McMahon and the New West OfricaEdit

Mr. McMahon revealed, in a year-long plan, he masterminded the theft of Dario Culo's van and has successfully taken all ownership (or so he thought) of the nL universe from Culo with the help of the New West Ofrica and their new leader, Stardust. This effectively merges 2K14 and 2K15 universes.

News Legacy, Inc.Edit

Immediately following Mr. McMahon's message, it was announced that CM Punk, AJ Lee, Justin Gabriel, Rob Van Dam and Alberto Del Rio have left the company following his takeover of the nL universe. In addition, The Great Khali has been traded from the New York Giants in exchange for Enzo Amore.

Bray WyattEdit

"The Dancing Machine" Fandango and his handler Summer Rae were created by Bray Wyatt. It was revealed Fandango's master was The Terminator. After Wyatt's loss to the Terminator and Fandango's loss at Night of Champions, Wyatt revealed that he had created a new master/dance partner for Fandango.

Dario CuloEdit

Although it was believed that Mr McMahon took sole ownership of the universe, Dario revealed that while he had sold all of his stake, he in fact had only owned half of the universe and that his business parter and co-owner had been running the 2K15 Universe during his abcense. The partner had retained his co-owenership of the universe and was revealed to be none other than Vince's own son, Shane McMahon.

2k16 Draft EventEdit

Main Draft:Edit

# Raw Smackdown
1 Baron Corbin aka "The black Rainmaker" aka "Dunn Dunn" aka "The Alpha" aka "Mega Man" aka the "Lone Wolf". Honky Tonk Man
2 Natalya "Jim Neidhart's Former Daughter" (Divas Champion) Simon Gotch
3 "The Wildcat" Andre the Giant JBL
4 Savio Vega Christian
5 Cactus Jack Haku
6 Damien Mizdow Ric Flair
7 Dude Love Chris Jericho
8 Kofi Kingston Randy Orton
9 Erick Rowan The Terminator
10 Alicia Fox Cesaro
11 X-PAC Sting (WCW U.S. Champion)
12 Batista Rick Rude
13 "The One" Billy Gunn Jimmy Uso
14 Tyler Breeze Fruit Punch Paul aka "Smackdown Beef"
15 Stephanie McMahon Neville
16 Bo Dallas Finn Balor
17 Curtis Axel Layla
18 The Rock Viktor "The Apocalypse"
19 Randy Savage (WWE Champion) Cameron
20 Triple H Stardust
21 Lex Luger John Cena (I.C Champion)
22 Bad News Barrett Kevin Nash
23 Daniel Bryan (Sorry! Champion) Colin Cassady
24 Brock Lesnar Kalisto
25 Big E (World Heavyweight Champion) Dolph Ziggler
26 Sin Cara (Former Owner) Rikishi
27 British Bulldog Kevin Owens
28 Konnor Naomi
29 Emma Stone Cold Steve Austin
30 The Miz Hideo Itami
31 Titus O'Neil The Undertaker
32 Aiden English Heath Slater
33 Jake " the Snake" Roberts Bam Bam Bigelow (Money in the bank)
34 Summer Rae Bray Wyatt's The Terminator
35 DDP Brie Bella
36 Edge Kama Mustafa
37 Fit Finlay Enzo Amore
38 "The Ultimate Fighter Brazil" Paige (Women's Champion) Tamina
39 Kane '01 Jack Swagger
40 Mankind D'Lo Brown
41 "The Pro-Life Madman" Dean Ambrose Mikey Whipwreck
42 Farquoq Fandango
43 Adam Rose Darren Young
44 Jim Neidhart Col. Mustafa
45 The Ultimate Warrior Booker T
46 William Regal Bret Hart
47 Tyson Kidd Vader (not as good as Bam Bam)
48 Shawn Michaels Sheamus
49 Luke Harper Roman Reigns
50 Rusev Zack Ryder
51 R-Truth Sami Zayn
52 General Adnan Ricky" the Dragon" Steamboat
53 Xavier Woods Nikki Bella
54 King Santino Marella Jey Uso
55 Sgt Slaughter Goldust
56 Ken Shamrock Kane?
57 Mark Henry Ryback
58 Seth Rollins Bray Wyatt
59 "Mr. Irrelevant" Eva Marie Brian Pillman

Hell in a Cell draft:Edit

The Hell in a Cell draft occured after Team Raw (Shane McMahon and Sin Cara) defeated Team Smackdown (new West Ofrica members Mr. McMahon and Stardust) in a Hell in a Cell match to earn two picks for their brand, and the option to drop an unwanted superstar to the other brand.

# Pick
1. Big Colin (WWE Tag Team Champion)
2. Bray Wyatt
Drop Pick Stephanie McMahon

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