Total Divas is the newest weekly WWE show, replacing Saturday Night's Main Event. It exclusively features matches between THE DIVAZ of WWE (and Ric Flair and JBL), and is hosted by Mama Hernandez.


Episode #1: The Divas Visit CambodiaEdit

# Result Notes
1 Naomi defeated Tamina
  • Naomi and Tamina are best friends, but both want the same jewel necklace.
2 Eva Marie defeated Layla
  • Eva started spreading a rumor that Ricky Ortiz gave Layla herpes after Layla called her irrelevant.
3 Alicia Fox defeated Nikki Bella
  • Nikki and Alicia had a heated debate on abortions.
  • Nikki was convinced that a little tickling didn't hurt in the end.
4 Emma defeated Natalya
  • Emma took Natalya to Australia.
  • The cliffhanger: Natalya wanted to go to Outback Steakhouse, but Emma refused.

Episode #2: The Divas Visit AustraliaEdit

# Result Notes
1 Natalya defeated Summer Rae
  • Emma got jumped by Natalya at Outback Steakhouse before the match.
  • Natalya won the match, but was still left stranded in Australia.
2 Brie Bella defeated Layla
  • Rumor has it Layla gave Brie herpes.
  • Eva Marie attacked Layla before she could tell Brie the truth.
3 Nikki Bella defeated Cameron
  • Falls Count Anywhere match
  • Nikki made fun of Cameron for also being unable to get pregnant.
4 Tamina defeated Alicia Fox
  • Tamina was still upset about the necklace.
  • The cliffhanger: Jimmy Snuka has been arrested for murder!

Episode #3: Jimmy Snuka Courtroom DramaEdit

# Result Notes
1 Nikki Bella defeated Tamina
  • Falls Count Anywhere match
  • Nikki is pregnant with Jimmy Snuka's child.
2 Eva Marie defeated Layla
  • Layla caught Eva recording her checking for herpes.
3 Natalya defeated Emma
  • Both women brawled before the match.
4 JBL defeated Ric Flair
  • Ric Flair was the surprise witness for the Snuka case.
  • JBL was defending both Emma and Jimmy Snuka in court.
  • The cliffhanger: Ric Flair revealed that he was the real father of Nikki's child!

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