Raw is one of the two primary shows in nL's Universe mode, the other being Smackdown.



Win/Loss scoring criteria:Edit

Wins and losses are given out based on the actual winner of a match, and also by the narrative told by Johnny and Jericho (e.g. The Miz/Mizdow thing, with Miz getting the points for a Mizdow match). Matches that were not played (e.g. the starting matches of SNME, all Live Gi shows) are not counted, though there are some exceptions to this rule (e.g. episode 8 of both Raw and Smackdown, Corey Graves vs Sheamus, that one match from MITB they didn't play because it happened a million times beforehand).

Superstar/diva Finishers Win/Loss Record Notes:
Adam Rose Party Foul 4-5 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Adnan Bugaboo Mystery Finisher 2-1 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Aiden English That's A Wrap 0-1
Alicia Fox Shitty Scissors Kick 0-0
Andre the Giant Elbow drop 3-1 Peanut! Peanut!
Bad News Barrett Boolammah 2-5 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown.
Baron Corbin End of the Day 5-4
Batista Batista Bomb 3-4
Big Colin The Cass 'n' Tonic 3-3 Previously wrestled on Smackdown
Big E Big Ending 7-6 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Billy Gunn Fameasser/One and Only 2-0 WWE Tag Team Champion
"Six Foot" Blake Five Star Frog Splash? 0-0
Bo Dallas Bo-Dog/Dirty Dallas 2-4
Bray Wyatt Sister Abigail 1-3 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
British Bulldog Powerslam 0-0
Brock Lesnar F5 10-8 Murderer of everybody. Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Cactus Jack Double underhook DDT 0-1
Curtis Axel Axe Hole 2-4
Damien Mizdow You're Welcome 5-5
Daniel Bryan The Warrior's Way 7-9 SORRY! Champion
DDP Diamond Cutter/Diamond Clash 3-0 Master of DDP Yoghurt. Previously Wrestled on Smackdown.
"The Pro-Life Madman" Dean Ambrose Dirty Deeds 3-5 Ended Abortions. Previously Wrestled on Smackdown.
Dude Love Love Glove 0-1
Dusty Rhodes Bionic Elbow 0-0 Reformed drug dealer
Dustin Rhodes Running Bulldog 0-0
Emma Emma Lock 0-3 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Erick Rowan Rowan Appocalypse 3-4

Previously Wrestled on Smackdown

Suspended for wellness violation

Eva Marie Sliced Red 0-1 Mr. E!rrelevant
Farquoq Spinebuster 1-1
Fernando Back Stabber 0-0 Diego Fanboy
Fit Finlay Celtic Cross 2-0 Suspended for being too lewd
Golga The Golga Golga 0-1
Jake Roberts DDT 0-0
JBL Clothesline from Hell 6-4
Jim Neidhart Anvil Power slam 1-2 Father of the reigning Ultimate Fighter: Brazil
Ken Shamrock Ankle Lock 2-0 WWE Tag Team Champion
Kofi Kingston Trouble in Ofrica 0-7 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
The Konnor Fall of Man 1-5 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Lex Luger Torture Rack 0-1
Lita Moonsault 0-0
Lord Steven Regal Regalplex 0-2
Luke Bushwhacker Powerslam 0-0
Luke Harper Discus Lariato/Clothesline from Smell 5-6 Also known as 'Lou Parper'
Mankind Mandible Claw 2-0
Mark Henry Ofrica's Strongest Slam 5-4 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Miss Elizabeth Fuckin' something 1-1 WWE Champion
The Miz Skull Crushing Finale/Knee Crushing Finale 7-2 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Murphy Brainbuster 0-1
Natalya Sharpshooter 6-4 The Natalian Stallion
Paige RamPaige/PTO 6-2 Ultimate Women's Champion, Winner of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil. Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Randy Savage Savage Elbow Drop 5-4
The Rock Rock Bottom/People's Elbow 3-2 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
R-Truth Lil' Jimmy 3-3
Rusev The Accolade 3-1
Samoa Joe Muscle Buster 0-1
Santino Marella The King Cobra/The nL Special 7-11 King of the Ring
Savio Vega Caribbean Kick 1-2
Seth Rollins Curb Stomp 1-2 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Sgt. Slaughter Cobra Clutch 1-3
Shane McMahon Coast 2 Coast 1-2 Owner of Raw
Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music 0-5
The Shockmaster The Squeeze Slam 1-0 Australian Champion
Sin Cara Swanton bomb/ Top rope c4/ flippy arm bar 1-2 Former owner of the WWE. Unclear if Carabinet is still intact
Summer Rae Roundhouse Kick 1-4 Cyborg
Tatsumi Fujinami Dragon Suplex 0-0
Titus O'Neil Clash of Titus 2-1 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
Triple H Pedigree 5-6 Had a Dario Culo medal... threw it at a fan. Twice.
Tyler Breeze Beauty Shot 0-2 HULLO
Tyson Kidd Sharpshooter 1-1 Previously Wrestled on Smackdown
"Hot Hot" Ultimate Warrior Warrior Splash 3-5
Vader Vader Bomb 1-2 Fired from Smackdown
Xavier Woods Eat Defeat 2-2
X-PAC X-Factor 1-0


Superstar/diva Win/Loss Record Notes:
AJ Lee 1-5 Quit following Mr. McMahon's takeover
Alberto Del Rio 2-4 Quit following Mr. McMahon's takeover
CM Punk 0-3 Released by Dario Culo
Curfew Man Punk '11-'12 7-3 Quit following Mr. McMahon's takeover
The Great Khali 0-3 Drafted to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for Enzo Amore
Helmsley 1-1
Hollywood Hogan 4-4 Released for racism
Hulk Hogan 3-2 Released for racism
Jimmy Uso 0-0 Married to Brie Bella, Released by Dario Culo before debut
Nikki Bella 0-0 Released by Dario Culo before her debut
Rey Mysterio 0-3 Lost a Loser Goes to Bed Forever match against Curfew Man Punk
Rob Van Dam 3-4 Quit following Mr. McMahon's takeover
Sting (Surfer) 0-1 Released by Dario Culo

Other Employees:Edit

Name Position
The Big Dog Live GI Event Correspondent
Dario Culo Former Commissioner of all of newLegacyinc "Unique Opportunities"
Duel General Manager of Raw
Jasper Error Mute Colour Commentator
Jericho Colour Commentator
Johnny Play-by-Play Commentator
Justin Roberts Mute Ring Announcer, retired
Kevin Dunn Dunn TV Director
Lillian Garcia Mute Ring Announcer
John Dimmadome 2K15 Referee
Mama Hernandez Divas Analyst
Pneumonia Rusev's Manager
Rustum Jeramius 2K16 Referee
Slip Social Media Ambassador/Duel's assistant
Smokey Social Media Ambassador/Dirt Sheet Journalist
"Goldbeast Cruel" Vid Michaelson Mute Color Commentator, retired

Tag Teams & Stables:Edit

Raw Only:Edit

Name Members
The Bang Bus Adam Rose & DDP
The Dangerous Ones Ken Shamrock & Billy Gunn
Team E.A.R Aiden English, Edge & Rusev
The Filthy Animals Batista & Ultimate Warrior

Dual Brand:Edit

Name Members
The Authorit-eh Big E, Htial, Kane & Seth Rollins
I Don't Fuckin' Know Mikey Whipwreck & Savio Vega
Nation of Termination D'Lo Brown, Erick Rowan, Fit Finlay, Kevin Owens & Terminator T2
new West ofrica Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, Mr. McMahon & Stardust
New York Giants Andre the Giant, Enzo Amore & Kevin Nash

Championship HistoryEdit

Regular (Rivalry Based):Edit

WWE Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Hollywood Hulk Hogan 1 56 nL Universe Draft Given title via the power of the rando. Reign not to be acknowledged...
- Vacant - - Raw #9

Hogan was stripped of the title by Dario Culo due to Hogan being a racist piece of shit.

2 Kane? (02) 1 35 Raw #9 Defeated Cerfew Man Punk the 11-12 Ascension, Triple H and The Great Khali to become the new champion.
3 Xavier Woods 1 20 Raw #14 This was Woods' Raw debut.
4 Randy Savage 1 28+ Night of Champions
5 The Miz 1 1+ Raw 22? (OH MAN)
6 Miss Elizabeth 1 1+ nL Takeover: Miz vs Liz

This was a steel cage match

Liz is the first woman to win the WWE Championship

Australian Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Kane! '01 1 27 Raw #17 Defeated Baron Corbin to become the inaugural champion.
2 Baron Corbin 1 1+ Hell in a Cell Defeated Kane! 01 in a Hell in a Cell match.
3 The Shockmaster 1 1+ nL Takeover: Miz vs Liz
  • This was part of Baron Corbin's Australian Championship Open Challenge

Ultimate Women's Championship (Dual Brand):Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Naomi 1 27 nL Universe Draft Given title via power of rando.
2 Brie Bella 1 84 Payback
3 Paige 1 28+ Night of Champions

Title drafted to Raw in the 2K16 Shake-up Draft

Title renamed to the "Ultimate Women's Championship" after being unified with the Diva's Championship and made available for both brands.

4 Stephanie McMahon 1 7+ Smackdown #23 This was a triple threat tables match including Trish Stratus
5 Trish Stratus 1 1 nL Takeover: Miz vs Liz
6 Paige 2 1+ Survivor Series This was a falls count anywhere match

WWE Tag Team Championship (Dual Brand):Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 The Samo-Offs (Doph Ziggler and Roman Reigns) 1 91 nL Universe Draft

Given title via power of rando.

Made available for both brands after Smackdown lost their tag titles.

- Deactivated - - Unknown period of time between Summerslam and Raw #14 Titles quietly deactivated after Damien Sandow freed Roman Reigns from Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam. The tag team division was practically dead anyway.
2 The Authorit-eh (Seth Rollins and Kanada Kane) 1 >1 2K16 Shake-Up Draft Awarded revived titles via power of rando.
3 I Don't Fuckin' Know (Mikey Whipwreck and Savio Vega) 1 27 2K16 Shake-Up Draft Awarded titles after the crowd was asked if the champions should be rando'd again.
4 The Cassanovas (Big Colin and Dolph Ziggler (2)) 1 15 Hell in Cell

Defeated IDFK in a tornado Hell in a Cell match.

5 The Dangerous Ones (Ken Shamrock and Billy Gunn) 1 7+ Raw #23

Defeated The Cassanovas in a Tag Team match.

Special (Defended Every Match):Edit

SORRY! Championship:Edit

The SORRY! Championship gives its the holder the right to replace any wrestler in any match at any time (as long as it is requested one week in advance.) The Champion is not required to defend the belt, but it will be vacated if it is used to join a championship match.

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Daniel Bryan 1 1+ Night of Champions Unified the WCW, ECW Television, Smoking Skull, Yellow, ThreECW European, and Winged Eagle Championships in a ladder match to become the inaugural champion.


Diva's Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Cameron 1 91 nL Universe Draft Given title via power of rando.
2 Tamina 1 20 Raw #14
3 Natalya 1 28 Night of Champions
4 Paige 1 <1 Hell in a Cell Defeated Natalya in a Falls Count Anywhere match
- Unified - - Hell in a Cell Unified with Paige's Women's Championship

World Heavyweight Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Corey Graves 1 27 nL Universe Draft Given title via power of rando. Would have been Stardust, but Jericho hates Stardust.
2 Brock Lesnar 1 28 Payback Won the title by killing Corey Graves.
3 Corey Graves 2 28 Money in the Bank This was the last match between Lesnar and Graves. (or so we thought...)
4 Brock Lesnar 2 12 Summerslam This was the final match in the best of 5,000
5 Erick Rowan 1 16 Smackdown #14 This was a 6 man Battle Royal that was also for the Yellow Championship
6 Big E 1 28 Night of Champions Title drafted to Raw in the 2K16 Shake-up Draft
7 Randy Savage 1 <1 Hell in a Cell Defeated Big E in a Hell in a Cell match, also for Savage's WWE Championship
- Unified - - Hell in a Cell Title unified with Savage's WWE Championship


Episode #17:Edit

This Raw was the first Raw, and first Universe show, of season 3 and the 2K16 era.

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Kane! 01 def. "The Rainmaker" Baron Corbin Singles match to crown the first Australian Champion
  • Kane pinned Corbin with the side slam.
  • What is in Kane's arm?
  • Duel, in his happiness that Kane won, forgot to give him the title.
2 Paige def. Natalya Diva's champion vs champion match for the Ultimate Fighter: Brazil
  • Paige pinned Natalya with the Paige Turner
  • Itchy nose strats worked.
3 I Don't Fuckin' Know (Mikey Whipwreck & Savio Vega) def. new West ofrica (Kofi Kingston & Mark Henry) Elimination Tag Team match
  • Henry eliminated Vega with an Ofrican Slam.
  • Mikey eliminated Henry with a hurricarana into a pin.
  • Mikey eliminated Kofi with the Whippersnapper after distracting Kofi with his shirt.
4 Xavier Woods def. Sin Cara Falls Count Anywhere match
  • Woods pinned Cara with Eat Defeat next to the announcer's table.
  • Izzy was attacked by Woods pushing Sin Cara into her.
Main Event Randy Savage def. Big E Champion vs champion match
  • Savage pinned Big E with the gutwrench suplex.

Episode #18:Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Edge def. Sin Cara and Luke Harper Triple Threat match
  • Edge pinned Cara with a spear.
2 The Miz def. Big E Singles match
  • Miz pinned Big E after a dropkick to the knee.
  • Big E's mojo has been lost.
3 "The Rainmaker" Baron Corbin def. Kane! 01 Singles match
  • Corbin pinned Kane with the Day Has Ended
4 Daniel Bryan def. Jim Neidhart Falls Count Anywhere match
  • Bryan pinned Neidhart with a bridging pin outside the ring.
  • The ref counted three twice for Bryan, but refused to end the match.
Main Event Dean Ambrose def. Randy Savage Singles match
  • Ambrose pinned Savage with Dirty Deans.
  • Big E came out, and ended up distracting Savage

Episode #19:Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Randy Savage def. Big E Singles match
  • Savage pinned Big E after a knee drop that busted Big E open.
  • Big E showed no respect to Savage post match.
2 Natalya def. Summer Rae and Eva Marie Triple Threat Diva's match
  • Natalya won during the commercial break. Only people with the nL app saw the ending.
  • Eva debut a new look, inspired by Corey Graves.
3 "The Rainmaker" Baron Corbin def. Kane Singles match
  • Corbin pinned Kane with the Hollycaust
4 Titus O'Neil def. Daniel Bryan Falls Count Anywhere match
  • Titus won with a gutwrench toss... huh.
  • Titus was not allowed to dance during this match
  • Bryan revealed his new title, the SORRY! Championship.
Main Event Brock Lensar def. Luke Harper Singles match
  • Lesnar pinned Harper with the F5.

Episode #20:Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Luke Harper def. Erick Rowan, Bad News Barrett, and Shawn Michaels Fatal Four-Way match
  • Harper pinned Rowan with a dick-back slam.
  • In the Spot of the Year, Harper suplexed Barrett over Rowan as Michaels did a top rope moonsault onto Rowan, breaking Barrett's arm.
  • Vid Michaelson retired as a result of Rowan's loss.
2 The Miz def. Dean Ambrose Unified WWE and World Heavyweight Championships #1 Contendership Match
  • Miz pinned Ambrose with the Skull Crushing Finale.
  • Miz is now the #1 contender to the winner of the Randy Savage/Big E match at Hell in a Cell.
3 Kane def. Baron Corbin Singles match
  • Kane pinned Corbin with a Chokeslam.
  • This was the rubber-rubber match for this rivalry.
  • Corbin debuted new, oil-covered gear.
  • With both men now tied with a 2-2 record, they will have a rubber-rubber-rubber match for the Australian Championship at Hell in a Cell.
4 The Rock def. Randy Savage Singles match
  • The Rock pinned Savage by countering a Flying Nothing into the Rock Bottom.
  • Big E came out to ringside again.
  • Rock punched Macho Man in the face after Big E distracted him by giving him the Canadian finger.
  • Macho Man busted himself open with a kick to The Rock? What the hell?
Main Event Triple H def. Daniel Bryan Falls Count Anywhere match
  • Triple H pinned Bryan with a Pedigree onto a table on the floor.
  • Per the rules of Sorry!, Daniel Bryan took somebody else's spot on the card.
  • Bryan may need to go back to Warrior University.

Episode #21: Open Fight Night 2Edit

This will be the first episode to feature 6 matches.

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 The Undertaker def. Baron Corbin by DQ Singles match
  • Corbin got disqualified after using a sledgehammer to the dick.
2 The Mizdow def. King Santino Marella Singles match
  • Mizdow pinned Santino with the Skull Crushing Finale.
  • This is totally The Miz.
  • Totally.
3 The New York Giants (Andre the Giant and Enzo Amore) def. The Cassonovas Tag Team match
  • Enzo pinned Big Colin with the Endzone.
  • Enzo Amore is 7 feet tall, and you can't teach that.
  • Dolph grew to 8 feet tall in an attempt to break up the final pin.
4 Farrooq def. "Pro Life" Dean Ambrose Singles match
  • Farrooq pinned Ambrose with the Dominator.
5 The Ultimate Warrior def. "Hot Hot" Bray Wyatt Singles match
  • Warrior pinned Wyatt with the Warrior Splash... but Wyatt kicked out... controversy.
  • Wyatt wants to steal Warrior's destrucity and Batista.
Main Event Seth Rollins def. Shane McMahon Singles match
  • Seth pinned Shane with the Pedigree.

Episode #22? (OH MAN): Raw is Johnny (and Jericho) 2Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 The Mizdow def. Edge Singles match
  • Edge pinned Mizdow with a Spear
2 "Oil" Baron Corbin def. Farooq Singles match
  • Corbin pinned Farooq with the End of the Day
3 The Dangerous Ones def. The New York Giants (Andre the Giant & Enzo Amore) Elimination Tag match
4 Batista (w/ Ultimate Warrior) def. Bray Wyatt (w/ Summer Rae) Singles match
5 Jim "The Man Anvil" Neidhart def. Daniel Bryan Falls Count Anywhere match
  • Neidhart pinned Bryan with the Anvil Flattener
Main Event The Miz def. Randy Savage (c) Singles match for the WWE Championship
  • Miz pinned Savage with a dropkick to the knee.

Episode #23: Totally Not Dead YetEdit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Baron Corbin (c) def. Jim Neidhart Singles match for the Australian Championship
  • Corbin pinned Neidhart with the End of the Day.
  • Neidhart earned this title shot after impressing Duel by killing Daniel Bryan.
  • Corbin learned the Anvil Flattener (Shouten Kai).
  • Corbin called out someone, but nobody could hear who it was.
2 Mankind def. Dude Love, Cactus Jack and Tyler Breeze Fatal Foley match
  • Mankind pinned Dude Love with the Prickly Mankind.
  • Tyler Breeze is the fifth, beardless face of Foley.
  • Cactus Jack everyone's nose off.
3 Daniel Bryan def. King Santino Marella Singles match
  • Bryan pinned Santino with the KNEE.
  • The Mizdow came out to support the king.
  • The Mizdow stole the Cobra, it was a ruse all along.
4 The Dangerous Ones (Ken Shamrock and Billy Gunn) def. The Cassanovas (Big Collin and Dolph Ziggler) (c) Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
  • Gunn pinned Ziggler with the Big Shoulder Black Boy.
  • The Cassanovas are split up now.
Main Event The Miz (c) def. Randy Savage Singles match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • The Miz pinned Savage with the Knee Crushing Finale.
  • The Mizdow attacked Savage before the match.

Episode #24:Edit

The Miz opened Raw with Miz TV, with special guest Miss Elizabeth.

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Bo Dallas def. Kofi Kingston Singles match
  • Dallas pinned Kofi with the Dirty Dallas.
  • It was announced that Duel was suspended for 30 days for taking steroids
2 The Bang Bus (Adam Rose & DDP) def. Team EAR (Aiden English & Edge) Duel Brand Tag Team Tournament qualifying match
  • Adam Rose pinned Edge with the Money Shot.
  • Edge's head has swollen to massive sizes. Bees or semen are suspected as the cause.
  • Following this match Miss Elizabeth was seen talking to Shane McMahon.
3 Baron Corbin (c) def. Murphy Australian Championship Open Challenge
  • Corbin pinned Murphy with the End of the Day
  • Shitposting intensified
  • Lillian wouldn't shut the fuck up for a full minute.
4 Mankind def. Tyler Breeze Singles match
  • Mankind pinned Breeze with a double hand bulldog
  • The ref counted three for Tyler, but refused to call the bell. IT WAS RUSTUM FOLEY!
Main Event Daniel Bryan (w/Sgt. Slaughter) def. Seth Rollins (w/Big E) Singles match
  • Bryan pinned Rollins with THE KNEE!
  • America prevails on this cold November night.
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