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NXT (pronounced En-Ex-Tees) is a developmental brand in the nL Universe. Taking place live from Dario Culo's van, the show features hot up-and-coming new superstars. NXT is sponsored by Dario Culo's Cool-O Pops.

The show was put on hiatus following Episode 1 after Dario Culo's van was stolen. An announcement of an NXTees return was made in early 2016, and new episodes are expected to come within the coming months.


Current active roster:Edit

Superstar/diva Win/Loss Record Notes:
Bang Hanson 0-1
Bram 1-0
Buck Hanson 0-1
Enus Culo III 0-0
Gunner 0-1
Ivan 1-1
Junior Fivesides 1-1
Ken Fluffytummy 0-1
Mr. America 2-0 NXT Champion
PK Fire 1-0
Pump Freak 1-0
Ray Boomer 0-2
Rock Sexton 1-0
Stone Sexton 1-0
Terryno 1-1
Tommy Hero 0-1
Vinny Virgo 0-1

Former NXTees Superstars:Edit

Superstar/diva Win/Loss Record Notes:
Dunn Dunn 0-1 Called up to the main roster as Baron Corbin
Kip Stern 0-0 Called up to the main roster as Kevin Owens
NOAH KIX 1-0 Called up to the main roster as Hideo Itami

Other Employees:Edit

Name Position
Dario Culo Former Commissioner of all of newLegacyinc "Unique Opportunities"/Commentator
Dakota Geraldo NXTees Referee
Duel Alternate Commentator
Johnny Alternate Commentator
Slip Commentator
The Man in Stripes Referee (Pilot episode only)

Tag TeamsEdit

Name Members
The Hansons Bang and Buck Hanson
ROCKSTONE Rock Sexton and Stone Sexton


NXT Championship:Edit

Before the debut of NXT, the title was a Raw exclusive title.

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Daniel Bryan 1 >1 Saturday Night's Main Event #4 Defeated Sting to become the inaugural champion
2 CM Punk 11-12 1 2 Saturday Night's Main Event #4 Attacked Daniel Bryan and Sting to become the new champion
3 King Santino Marella 1 13 Raw #7 This match was also for Punk's Title of The Ascension
4 CM Punk 11-12 2 13 Money in the Bank This was a falls count anywhere match with the Title of The Ascension also on the line.
5 Mr. America 1 21+ NXT #1 With this win the NXT Championship moved from Raw to NXT


Episode #1: PilotEdit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 NOAH KIX def. Tommy Hero Singles match
  • KIX pinned Hero with a DDT onto the ring apron, destroying Hero's neck.
2 Bram def. Terryno Singles match
  • Bram pinned Terryno with the F5.
  • This match was under youngboy rules, meaning Terryno would recieve kneepads if he won.
3 Junior Fivesides def. Ivan and Ray Boomer Triple Threat match
  • Fivesides pinned Ivan with a shoulder breaker.
4 Pump Freak def. Dunn Dunn Singles match
  • Freak forced Dunn to submit to the Pumper Seat.
  • Dunn Dunn accidentally attacked The Man In Stripes while attempting to clothesline Pump Freak.
  • Both men showed respect after the match.
Main Event Mr. America def. CM Punk the 11-12 Ascension (c) Singles match for the NXT Championship
  • Mr. America pinned Punk with a leg drop to win the championship.
  • The Title of The Ascension was not on the line because these NXT Youngboys aren't ready to ascend, but due to Punk's loss the Title of the Ascension was vacated.

Episode #2:Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 ROCKSTONE def. the Hansons Tag Team match
  • Rock Sexton pinned Bang Hanson? Buck Hanson... with an Angle Slam.
2 PK Fire def. Ken Fluffytummy Singles match
  • PK Fire pinned Fluffytummy with the Penaltknee.
3 Terryno def. Gunner Singles match
  • Terryno pinned Gunner with a Death Valley Driver.
4 Ivan def. Ray Boomer and Vinny Virgo Triple Threat match
  • Ivan pinned Boomer with a hurricarana pin.
  • Ray Boomer saved Ivan and Vinny from an invisible man who had entered the ring.
Main Event Mr. America def. Junior Fivesides Non-title match
  • Mr. America pinned Junior Fivesides with the bionic legdrop.
  • Junior Fivesides wipes out Dakota Geraldo while running the ropes.
  • A vignette aired after the show for newcomer EC3.

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