The nL Chooserweight Championship
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The nL Chooserweight Championship belt (made by RMajick)

Current champion(s)

Duel (Greg Valentine)

Date won

March 12th, 2017

Date established

March 12th, 2017

Most reigns


First champion(s)

Johnny (Curtis Axel)

Longest reign

Duel (28 days)

Shortest reign

Johnny (1.5 hours

The nL Chooserweight Championship is a title created on March 12, 2017, and is part of the Saltyverse series. The title follows the same rules as the TNA IMPACT Grand Championship for the most part. It has a gimmick that will be described in the rules.

Rules Edit

  • Each competetitor picks a wrestler for their chosen opponent.
  • The competitor who was pinned or submitted in the previous match cannot pick a wrestler.
  • Wrestlers are recommended, but not required, to be limited to an Overall of less than 80.
  • Stipulations are determined by rando.
  • One 15 minute round (20 for four ways)
  • 10 Point must system
  • A fuck ton of judges
    • Judges Categories:
      • Physicality
      • Agressiveness
      • Try hardiness
      • Butts
  • In the case of a double pick (same person picked by two people), the holder of said person is rando'd
  • If no winner after one round, judges decision
  • And most importantly, EVERYONE will be salty.

Reigns Edit

# Champion Date Match won Notes Successful Defenses
1 Curtis Axel (Johnny) 12/03/2017 vs. Simon Gotch, Titus O'Neil and Butch Match won via Pinfall
  • 0
2 Greg Valentine (Duel) 12/03/2017 vs. Curtis Axel, Enzo Amore and Buddy Roberts Match won via Pinfall
  • 0


# Match Date Time Limit Decision
1 Simon Gotch vs. Titus O'Neil vs. Butch vs. Curtis Axel 12/03/2017 20 minutes Axel won the match by Pinfall to become the inaugural champion
2 Curtis Axel (c) vs Enzo Amore vs Buddy Roberts vs Greg Valentine 12/03/2017

20 minutes

(Falls Count Anywhere)

Valentine won the match by Pinfall to become the new champion

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