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"Starving Child" Steve Austin"Stick E. Sundae" Carl Mills*All Star David*
2K17 Universe: ECW2K17 Universe: WCW2K17 Universe: WWE
2K17 Universe Championships3 Man Band ChampionshipBacklash 2007
BattlegroundBenjalsBenjals Club
BigJerichool Galacdick Openweight ChampionshipBlue Dot ChristianBrawl 4 All Tournaments
CHEEX: Best of the Super Big BoysCampeon de LegacyDaddy Wiggles
Dario CuloDeath Metal MadnessDebra Unappreciates Mexicans Belt Championship
Dino WinwoodDiva's Hall of Fame ChampionshipDuel
Extreme RulesFUC ChampionshipFishdicks
Fortune PorkGravy Bowl ChampionshipHell in a Cell
I2QT SheetsInterJohntinental ChampionshipJaylan Dad
Jericho CupJesus DondelingerJew World Order
Judgment DayJuggalos or SomethingKing Kong Bundy
Lex World OrderMexican ChampionshipMillion Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Iraqi Championship
Ministry of WatahMoney In The BankN00b Japan Pro Wrestling
N00b Japan Tag Team ChampionshipsNL 30 Years of WrestleManiaNL Chooserweight Championship
NL RAW is RUSSONL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 10: WWE Day of Reckoning 2
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 11: WWF Royal Rumble SNESNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 12: ECW Anarchy RulzNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 13: Road to WrestleMania X8
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 14: Road to WrestleMania X8NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 15: Wrestling MpireNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 16: Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 17: WWE Raw 2NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 18: ECW Hardcore RevolutionNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 19: WWE 2k15 PS4
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 1: Smackdown vs RAWNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 20: WWE Legends of WrestleManiaNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 21: WWE WrestleMania X8
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 22: WCW ThunderNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 23: WrestleMania 2000NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 24: Smackdown vs RAW 2010
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 25: Smackdown: Just Bring ItNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 26: WWE WrestleMania XIXNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 27: WWF RAW SNES
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 28: WCW/nWo RevengeNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 29: Smackdown vs RAW 2008NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 2: Smackdown vs RAW 2009
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 30: WWE 2k15 360NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 31: SmackdownNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 32: WWE 13
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 33: WWE 12NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 34: WWF No MercyNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 35: Smackdown 2: Know Your Role
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 36: Smackdown vs RAW 2007NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 37: Road to WrestleManiaNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 38: Virtual Pro Wrestling 2
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 3: Smackdown vs RAW 2011NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 4: Smackdown: Here Comes The PainNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 5: Smackdown vs RAW 2006
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 6: WWF AttitudeNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 7: WWE Day Of ReckoningNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 8: WWE 2K14
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 Match 9: WWF WarzoneNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 RNG RumbleNL Royal Rumble Marathon 2015 The Royaliest of Rumbles
NL Royal Rumble Marathon 2K13 StatisticsNL Royal Rumble MarathonsNL Saltyverse Juggalo Homies Championship
NL Saltyverse World ChampionshipNL Submission ChampionshipNL Universe: Duel's US Open Challenge
NL Universe: King of the RingNL Universe: NXTNL Universe: Pay Per Views
NL Universe: RawNL Universe: Raw (2K16)NL Universe: Saturday Night's Main Event
NL Universe: SmackdownNL Universe: Smackdown (2K16)NL Universe: The House Show Loop
NL Universe: Total DivasNL Universe 2K16NL Universe Championships (WWE 2K15)
NL Universe Lore and Other ShenanigansNL WCW Nitro One Night Stand (12/20/13)NL WWE 2K15 Universe
NL WWE 2K17 Universe ModeNL Women's Saltyverse ChampionshipNewLEGACY Linear Championship
NewLEGACYinc GM Mode (Slip vs. Johnny)NewLEGACYinc Hall of FameNewLEGACYinc PPVs
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Night of ChampionsOld Legacy IncOutSiders
PaybackRagu's Feature Story on nL - A+ materialRagu's Interview with Johnny + Bonus Quote from LT!
Raw is JohnnyRicky Steamboat's CrotchRuppy the Beagle
SackRashSlipdownSlipdown vs Raw is Johnny Pay-Per-Views
Story TimeSummerSlamSuper Evil Cena
Survivor SeriesTables Ladders And CervazasTeam HartBurn
Team HartbunThe 'David List'The Ballad of Notwinski
The CarabinetThe CrewThe G-Zus Climax
The Jericho SagaThe Los CaroniesThe Real Canadians
The ShieldThe Snaketion of DominationThe Wolfpac
Undisputed WWE ChampionshipVince RussoWHY GOLDBERG?!?!
WWE 2K14 Universe DraftWWE 2K16 Universe DraftWWE Tag Team Championship
Wrestlemania XXX
File:3MB Championship.pngFile:3mb.pngFile:48769484.jpg
File:88120008.pngFile:9oZiA21437924517.jpgFile:An Announcement From the new West ofrica
File:BATTLEGROUND 02.jpgFile:BGPoster.pngFile:BattleJohn.png
File:Battleground 2014.jpgFile:Battleground Brett.pngFile:Battleground Poster2.png
File:Battleground ThemeFile:Battleground poster.pngFile:Battleground poster 2.png
File:Benjals Club.pngFile:Bg.pngFile:BigEagle.jpg
File:BigGold.jpgFile:Blue Dot Christian's TitantronFile:BoBelt.png
File:Brahmabull.jpgFile:Bray terminator.JPGFile:Brazil.png
File:C2MptgxXcAASPwG.pngFile:C2s7PTQXAAAbAMq.png large.pngFile:C2vOSuwWEAUyO05.png
File:C6TH-qTVMAAqUE6.pngFile:C6TH9brVAAAn2jT.pngFile:C6sd8i6V0AAYVe2.png large.png
File:CQ JzIUcAAK24I.pngFile:Cake.jpgFile:Campeon de Legacy.png
File:Carabinet.jpgFile:Carl Mills.jpgFile:CenaBelt.png
File:Colonel.pngFile:Crew.jpgFile:Da Big Gold.png
File:Da Big Gold 2.0.pngFile:Death Metal Madness- Theme Song and TitantronFile:Death metal madness.png
File:Diva's Championship.pngFile:Divas-ring.jpg w=490.jpgFile:ER.png
File:Ecwtv.jpgFile:ErickRowan GoldMast.pngFile:European.png
File:Example.jpgFile:Extreme rules.pngFile:FISHDICKS.jpg
File:FUC.pngFile:FinnBelt.pngFile:Fortune Pork.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:FucbannerS.jpgFile:General.png
File:GoldXavier.jpgFile:Grappthis.jpgFile:Gravy bowl championship2.png
File:HIAS.pngFile:Hartbun.jpgFile:Hbk 02.gif
File:He's back.jpgFile:Hell In A Cell.jpg.jpgFile:Hell in a Salad.png
File:Hvf.pngFile:IMG 2061.pngFile:Iraq Flag.jpg
File:Iraq title.jpgFile:Itswomens.pngFile:JWO.jpg
File:Jeer.pngFile:Jeri.pngFile:Jericho survivor series.png large.png
File:Jesus dondelinger.pngFile:JoS.jpgFile:JoS 2.0.jpg
File:JudgeJinder2.pngFile:Judgement day.jpgFile:Kane 2013.jpg
File:Kane and bret hart.pngFile:Kane nL NOC poster.pngFile:Kanye West - Gayfish FULL LENGTH south park uncensored
File:Metal Madness.pngFile:Mexican Championship.pngFile:Million Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Iraqi Championship2.png
File:Ministry of Watah.pngFile:Mitb14-2.pngFile:Mitb14.png
File:MizBelt.pngFile:Miz vs. Liz.jpgFile:MoD.jpg
File:Money in the Bank Briefcase 3.pngFile:Money in the bank poster.jpgFile:Mq1.jpg
File:Mr America NLFile:N00b Japan Pro Wrestling Logo.pngFile:NEWLEGPOSTER.jpg
File:NEW WEST OFRICA.pngFile:NL.jpgFile:NLBattleground-Official promo
File:NL Battleground.pngFile:NL GM Mode Slipdown! vs. RAW is JOHNNY Part 1File:NL Hell in a Cell.jpg
File:NL Hell in a Cell.pngFile:NL Live - The Ballad of Notwinski! THE nL VIDEO GAME!File:NL Live on - WCW Mystery 6-Man Tag Match WWE 2k14 Online
File:NL Live on - WCW Mystery TLC Fatal 4 Way WWE 2k14 OnlineFile:NL Live on - WCW Mystery TLC Fatal 4 Way WWE 2k14 Online-0File:NL Money in the Bank.jpg
File:NL Money in the bank.jpgFile:NL NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS.pngFile:NL NOC.jpg
File:NL NOC.pngFile:NL Night Of Champions.jpg.jpgFile:NL Night Of Champions 2.png
File:NL Night Of Champions Poster.pngFile:NL Night of Champions.jpgFile:NL Night of Champions.png
File:NL NoC.pngFile:NL Payback.jpgFile:NL Payback Themesong
File:NL Raw.jpgFile:NL Rumble marathon.jpgFile:NL SummerSlam.png
File:NL SummerSlam Poster-0.jpgFile:NL SummerSlam Poster-1.jpgFile:NL SummerSlam Poster.jpg
File:NL SummerSlam Poster.pngFile:NL SummerSlam Poster 2.jpgFile:NL Summer Slam.jpg
File:NL Summer Slam.jpg.jpgFile:NL Summer Slam 2014File:NL Summer Slam 2014-0
File:NL Summerslam.jpgFile:NL Summerslam.pngFile:NL Summerslam2.png
File:NL TAKEOVER 2.pngFile:NL TITLE.pngFile:NL Takeover Miz vs Liz.png
File:NL US Open Challenge.pngFile:NL Universe Money in the Bank.jpgFile:NL logo.png
File:NL night of champions.jpgFile:NL night of champions.pngFile:NL presents summerslam.jpg
File:NL survivor series.pngFile:NLchampion.pngFile:NOC.png
File:NOC Poster.pngFile:NWo.jpg.jpgFile:NWo.png
File:NWoWolfpack.jpgFile:New-York-Giants-Pictures.jpgFile:NewLEGACYinc SummerSlam.jpg
File:NewLEGACYinc The Bipolar Shield TitantronFile:NewLegacy-Battleground.jpgFile:NewLegacy Battleground.jpg
File:New West Ofrica.pngFile:New West ofrica championship.pngFile:New west ofrica.png
File:New west ofrica2.pngFile:New west ofrica members.pngFile:Newlegacyinc.jpg
File:Nl battleground.pngFile:Nl summerslam.jpgFile:Nlblet.jpg
File:Nlfuctitle.pngFile:Nlinc ss.pngFile:Nlsummerslam.png
File:NoC poster.pngFile:Noc1.pngFile:Noc2.png
File:Noc 3.pngFile:Notfair.gifFile:Notwinski Banner.jpg
File:Oie tggDz04IpRI5.pngFile:OutSIDers.jpgFile:OutSiders.png
File:Payback hogan.jpgFile:Poster.pngFile:Pqvaqq2.jpg
File:QCX6Vu3.pngFile:QqF4b6L6.png large.pngFile:RawIsJohnny.png
File:Render tag team championship.pngFile:RomanBelt.pngFile:Royal Rumble.png
File:Ruppy the Beagle.pngFile:RusevBelt.pngFile:SACKRASH.png
File:Screen shot 2015-11-16 at 5.04.43 PM.pngFile:SheamusBelt.pngFile:ShowBelt.png
File:Sin Cara Crew.jpgFile:Sin Cara Hell in a Cell.jpgFile:Sin Cara MITB.png
File:Sin Cara Night of Champions.jpgFile:Sin Cara Summerslam.jpgFile:Sincaranl1.jpg
File:Snaketion.pngFile:Snaketion Shirt Attire.pngFile:Snaketion of Domination.png
File:Snaketion of Domination - Theme Song and TitantronFile:Snaketion of Domination of Debra.pngFile:Spinner.jpg
File:Ss2014.pngFile:Ss (2014-05-22 at 06.23.54).jpgFile:Sslam poster.png
File:Starving child.pngFile:SummerSlam-0.jpgFile:SummerSlam.jpg
File:Summerslam 2014.jpgFile:Summerslam Fixed.pngFile:Summerslam Logo.png
File:Summerslam poster.pngFile:Super money in the bank briefcase.pngFile:SwaggerBelt.png
File:TNA Fortune Theme Song - "Gonna Change Some Thangs" with Download LinkFile:Tag team MITB.pngFile:The Big Shitty Canada.png
File:The Carabinet - Theme Song and TitantronFile:The Champions of the nLverse.jpgFile:The Dong.png
File:The Los Caronies.jpgFile:The Shield.png.jpgFile:The Snaketion of Domination.png
File:TruthBelt.pngFile:Tumblr n3zz6agRtx1tue4z5o1 400.gifFile:Twomovement.png
File:WM30F.pngFile:WWE-Million-Dollar-Championship-Title-Belt.jpgFile:WWE IC.png
File:WWE IC2.pngFile:WWE Undisputed Title.jpgFile:Wcwhardcore.png

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