The legend of Jaylan Dad (or Jaylan's Dad) dates back all the way to March 19th, 2017. The story goes that, during the Top Prostate Tournament, a three way backyard TCL match would be held between Tito Pedro, Big Badd Cory Scott, and Anarchist (both Cory Scott and Anarchist have been suggested to be Jaylan himself), but Jaylan's Dad arrived to pick up his son for dinner, but in the heat of the moment decided to enter the match and put custody of Jaylan on the line for no other reason than the fact that he used to watch Bruno wrestle. Jaylan's Dad ended up winning the match after killing Corey Scott by pushing him off the ladder and into a turnbuckle, thus retaining custody of his son. Jaylan's Dad has a history of running in on his son's backyard wrestling matches and getting way too into it.

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