I2QT 'Dirty' Sheets 
is 22 year old Mixed Martial Arts fighter who currently is fighting in UFC. I2QT Sheets was born in Cape Town, South Africa and given the nickname 'Dirty' as an insult due to the fact he lived under poverty while living in South Africa, along with this came a problem where he looked way older than he did and seemed to weigh way more than 135 lbs. He is currently fighting out San Jose, Costa Rica, he has an unusual Wrestling South Paw Orthodox fighting style, but has served him well in the UFC fighting in the Bantamweight division. He is currently 15-4. He also has a distant brother who fights in Bellator named I2QT 'Clean' Sheets. He is heavily sponsered by THQ & Yukes. After his loss to Miguel Torres & Demitrious Johnson, I2QT went on a soul searching journey to find himself, he came back a changed angry non glove touching man, using his newfound aggression and viciousness to break his losing streak.

Fight HistoryEdit

Res. Record Opponent Method Event Round TIme Location Notes
Lose 15-4 Takeya Mizugaki KO UFC 153 2 1:29 Las Vegas, NV
  • I2QT got knocked out like a bitch
Win 15-3 Arturo Costa KO via Spinning Super Kick UFC 151 2 1:21 Las Vegas, NV
  • Sheets' first win after his soul searching journey
Lose 14-3 Demitrious Johnson Submission UFC 149 3 4:27 Las Vegas, NV
  • I2QT again tapped like a bitch 
Lose 14-2 Miguel Torres  Submission UFC 147 2 2:50 Las Vegas, NV
  • I2QT tapped out like a bitch
Win 14-1 Kid Yammato KO via Spinning Back FIst UFN 38 3 4:23 Las Vegas, NV
  • 10-9 GSP is still funny
  • Knockout of the Night
Win 13-1 Sergio Diaz KO UFN 37 2 2:55 Las Vegas, NV
  • It was revealed during this match that Sheets moved to Costa Rico due to Nelson Mandela's tragic death
Win 12-1 Damacio Page KO UFC 143 3 4:54 Las Vegas, NV
  • UFC PPV debut
  • Many considered this an upset victory
Win 11-1 Ryo Tanaka KO UFN 34 2 3:35 Las Vegas, NV
  • Employed am aggresive strategy
Win 10-1 Arturo Costa TKO UFN 32 3 0:32 Las Vegas, NV
  • Beat the shit out of Costa while he was on the mat
Win 9-1 Brady Theyer KO UFN 30 2 4:43 Las Vegas, NV
  • Sheets' UFC debut
  • Was forced to vacate the WFA Bantamweight title due to his promotion change.
  • Sheets gave WFA the belt and said, "Peace Bitch"
  • Debut of the 10-9 GSP
Win 8-1 Julien Walker KO WFA 24 1 3:37 Las Vegas, NV
  • WFA Bantamweight Title Defense
Win 7-1 Keith Watson TKO WFA 22 (TWENTY TWO!) 2 1:48 Las Vegas, NV
  • WFA Bantamweight Title Defense
Win 6-1 Brian Sherill KO WFA 20 2 3:52 Las Vegas, NV
  • WFA Bantamweight Title Fight
  • Knockout of the Night
Win 5-1 Julien Walker KO WFA 18 2 2:03 Las Vegas, NV
  • Contenders Fight for Bantamweight Title
Win 4-1 Fraser Ellis KO WFA 16 1 4:30 Las Vegas, NV
  • Rematch
Win 3-1 Lorenzo Martinez KO WFA 14 2 1:16 Las Vegas, NV
  • Yelled at the referee to stop the fight
  • Victory due to the debut of Sheets Chin Music
Lose 2-1 Fraser Ellis KO WFA 12 1 4:11 Las Vegas, NV
  • Knockout of the Night & Year
Win 2-0 Sergay Ostrovsky KO WFA 10 1 4:00 Las Vegas, NV
  • Sheets challenged because he was a 'Gay'
Win 1-0 Luiz Kang KO WFA 8 2 0:45 Las Vegas, NV
  • I2QT Sheets debut

Signature MovesEdit

  • Sheets Chin Music - Head Kick

    Dirty after a hard fought, highly questionable win.

  • Skip Kick - Jumping Head Kick
  • Dirty Spin - Spinning Back Fist
  • Running Knee

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

  • World Fighting Alliance
    • WFA Bantamweight Title (1 time, 2 title defenses)