The Gravy Bowl Championship
Gravy bowl championship2
The Gravy Bowl Championship

Current champion(s)


Date won

August 15, 2014


nL's WWE

Date established

August 15, 2014

Most reigns

Natalya (1 reign)

First champion(s)


Longest reign


Shortest reign


The Gravy Bowl Championship is a woman's championship created by nL's WWE as a replacement for the Diva's Hall of Fame Championship.


Following the sudden retirement of Diva's Hall of Fame Champion, Kaitlynn (who took the title with her), a new title for the divas had to be created. Due to budget cuts caused by the failure of the WWE Network, a championship belt could not be created in time, so a gravy bowl from catering was used to represent the new title, named the Gravy Bowl Championship, as it was the most cost effective item they could find. A fatal 4 way Hell in a Cell match between Layla, Summer Rae, and permanent title contender Natalya was booked to crown the first champion, with Death Metal Madness member Randy Savage managing the match, declaring that the winner will become his second bride (his first being Seth Rollynns). Natalya ended up winning the match, pinning the possibly lifeless body of either Summer or Layla to win the bowl and become the new new Miss Madness.

List of ChampionsEdit

# Wrestler Times Length (days) Date won Event Notes
1 Natalya 1 7+ August 15, 2014 SummerSlam Won a fatal 4 way Hell in a Cell to become the inaugural champion.

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