The Fishdicks are a tag team in the NewLegacyInc Universe that originated from the #TNAid Extreme Warfare Revenge stream.

The team consists of Fishman and Dick Togo and their team name consists of the names of both wrestlers. 


On the #TNAid Extreme Warfare Revenge stream, the feud between NOOOOORV and Throb Terry against the team of Fishman and Dick Togo was suggested. The name Fishdicks was suggested for the new tag team.

However, the feud was abruptly ended when they realized that Dick Togo would not be able to team with Fishman due to being a non-wrestler. In response, Dick Togo was replaced by Tyler Breeze.

Theme SongEdit

Kanye West - Gayfish FULL LENGTH south park uncensored02:30

Kanye West - Gayfish FULL LENGTH south park uncensored

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