"Not fair!"

Duel Duelson is nL's first resident Aussie, a fan of various Anime, and is considered a skilled player of the WWE games. During the Campeon de Legacy, Duel was named the NList of the group when it came to WWE.

Before NewLegacyInc Duel worked the Australian Wrestling scene, getting over with the saying "My dick is huuuuuuuge!" He would have his own merchandise and child fan-base but has since retired and is keen to remain retired.

During a brief time when he "really needed the money" he did voice-work for ECW: Anarchy Rulz.

Duel is known for his desires to fuck CrazyClock and not knowing what areolas are. His favorite wrestler is Edge. He has on occasion been known to inadvertently say sexually suggestive (and hilarious) things.

During nL's 24 hour charity stream they played Extreme Warfare Revenge with Vince Russo. (seriously we're not fucking kidding!). While booking the show Vince referred to Duel as "Crocodile Dundee" leading to laughter from his friends.

Duel's fame also comes from his catchphrase for when things go wrong in a game and because he is a part of newLEGACYinc that happens all the time. But when things do go wrong for Duel, he responds with OH NO!

Duel was a heel in 2002 and was a rebellious teen, though since then he has garnered a reputation for being one of nL's nicest members. Despite that, in early 2015 he turned heel after becoming tired with everyone's shit. Johnny does not like this. Duel also became subject to heat from the nL universe following comments on the WWE 2K17 draft, stating that he did not like fellow Australian Emma, and refused to sign her. 

Duel is the GM of Raw in nL's Universe mode. During an episode of Raw, it was revealed that as a child, Duel starred in this commerical for Sprite, along with Sting and this is the reason Duel does not like Sting, and schemed to make him lose the US Championship.

In April 2016 Duel began doing his own series of Create a PPVs on Smackdown! vs Raw in which he creates a PPV, randomises matches until he and the chat are satisfied they are crazy enough, and then they are played, entirely CPU, and commentated on by Duel. These are uploaded to the nL youtube channel and are separate to other nL universes as they are Duel's own solo events.

Duel is also a member of 3MBTeam along with Homer and Jericho.

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