Dino Winwood


Who is he? Dino is nL's impersonator. He has been known to do voices of many wrestlers and announcers or other famous personnel. Some of his most famous and hilarious voices include....

  • Lita
  • Paul Heyman
  • RVD/Arm-VD
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Vince Russo
  • Gene Okerlund

...among many more! He even does a great impression of nL's own Duel. In some cases, he doesn't know what people sound like so he makes up his own voice. This is the case for Doug Basham, Mark Jindrak and Christopher Nowinski.

Dino was challenged however one night during a stream of Doritos Crash Course 2 to pull off doing the entire CM Punk Pipe Bomb promo as Freight Train, and he did it quite well. He did other impressions that night which Johnny later deemed a terrible idea, cause it was so funny, the others couldn't focus on the game and died constantly.

As well as his impressions, Dino is renowned for his ability to "ruin" sports with his commentary, and his ever popular call of "Well Fans, we're fucked".

Dino is also a legit veteran of professional wrestling in his own right, most famously appearing in PWG.

He is also the brilliant mind behind the Snaketion of Domination and its leader, K. Malik Shabazz Austin (Stone Cold).

Dino is a former FUC Champion, winning the title in a surprise upset against Johnny. He successfully defended the title once, against Jericho, before dropping the belt back to Johnny.

He is known for introducing us to the commisioner of nL, Dario Culo, but he is not him. Trust us.

Dino runs his own wrestling league on his youtube channel (see below) called WFWF.

Dino often appears during Caveman's streams and sometimes guest commentates during Hogan vs. Flair shows.


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