Official logo for the CHEEX, created by Repalec

CHEEX: Best of the Super Big Boys is a big boy only tournament first held on July 17th, 2016. The winner of this tournament wins a (rental) car and a free meal at their favorite restaurant.


# Entrant Representing Country
1 Vader USA
2 Bray Wyatt The Wyatt Family Compound
3 Bam Bam Bigelow USA
4 Kevin Owens Canada
5 Rusev Bulgaria
6 Steer the Steer India
7 Mil Muertes Beyond the Grave
8 Big Boss Man Cobb County, Georgia
9 "Big Meanie" North Snow Parts Unknown
10 Matanza Cueto A Cage (Note: Not "They Call Him")
11 Big E USA
12 HoHo Tun China
13 Big Boris Popov Russia
14 B.B. Sentawn Morocco
15 Manabu Takayama Japan
16 Samoa Joe The Isle of Samoa


No. Result Notes
Round 1
1 Bray Wyatt def. Matanza Cueto
  • Bray pinned Matanza with a Big Boy Senton
2 Manabu Takayama def. Vader
  • Takayama pinned Vader with something
  • This was the biggest upset of the night
3 BB Sentawn def. Big E
  • B.B pinned Big E with the Biggest Boy Senton
  • Big E's dick has been destroyed
4 Big Boss Man def. Rusev
  • Boss Man pinned Rusev with the Boss Man Slam
5 Samoa Joe def. HoHo Tun
  • Joe pinned HoHo with the Chimera Plex
6 Bam Bam Bigelow def. Bill Muertes
  • Bam Bam pinned Muertes with A FUCKING CORKSCREW MOONSAULT!
  • What the fuck just happened?
7 Big Boris Popov def. Steer the Steer
  • Boris pinned Steer with the Spear
  • Big Boris hates small boys
  • What the actual fuck is Steer the Steer?
8 Kevin Owens def. North Snow
  • Owens pinned Snow with the Poppa Powerbomb.
Round 2
9 Samoa Joe def. Big Boss Man
  • Joe pinned Boss Man with the Chimera Plex
  • Joe established dominance and finished on Boss Man.
10 Manabu Takayama def. Big Boris Popov
  • Takayama pinned Boris with the Go To Knee/Big Boy Senton combo
  • Boris used the overdrive like a fucking cunt.
11 Kevin Owens def. Bray Wyatt
  • Owens pinned Wyatt with the Canadian Cocktease.
  • Wyatt got the three with the Gutbuster/Big Boy Senton combo, but the ref called it a 2.
12 B.B. Sentawn def. Bam Bam Bigelow
  • B.B. pinned Bam Bam with the World's Biggest Boy Slam
  • With this loss, America was eliminated from the tournament completely. Big Boys have gone international.
Semi-Finals (Tables Matches)
13 Manabu Takayama def. Kevin Owens
  • Takayama put Owens through a table with a fucking Phoenix Splash
14 Samoa Joe def. B.B. Sentawn
  • Joe put B.B through the table with some diving knees.
Pre-Finals Battle Royale
BR Steer the Steer vs HoHo Tun vs Big Boris Popov vs B.B Sentawn vs North Snow vs Kevin Owens
  • Steer won.
Finals (TLC match)
15 Manabu Takayama def. Samoa Joe
  • Takayama pulled down the Applebees gift card to win.

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