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Brawl 4 All II: Misawa vs Tatanka was an Brawl 4 All event that took place on February 10th, 2018. The event was headlined by the Brawl 4 All Championship bout between champion Mitsuharu Misawa and challenger Tatanka.


The main fight of the show was Mitsuharu Misawa defending the Brawl 4 All Championship against Tatanka. At Brawl 4 All: Misawa vs Ryder, both men successfuly won their scheduled matches, with Misawa successfully defending the title against Zack Ryder, and Tatanka defeating Daniel Cormier earlier in the show. On February 6th, 2018, the nL twitter officially announced the fight between the two. Many believe that Tatanka is too much of a threat to Misawa, but many also believe that the earth is flat, so who can you really trust?

At Brawl 4 All: The Gauntlet, Eddie Bravo defeated Rod Johnson to capture the Brawl 4 All Championship, viciously injuring Rod's head for the victory. At Misawa vs Ryder, Rod's brother Dick avenged his brother by defeating Bravo in round 2. Now with Rod healed, he wants his ultimate revenge. As such, he will team with his brother Dick to face Bravo and a partner of his choosing.

At Misawa vs Ryder, Mike Awesome and Yoshihiro Takayama squared off in an intense explodng death match. After a brutal contest Takayama walked out of the event with his hand raised. But rather than be rewarded with a title shot for his efforts, the Brawl 4 All commitee instead rewarded Takayama with a rematch against Awesome, but this time with a two out of three falls stipulation. What exactly does this mean? Only a few men know, and I'm not one of them so I can only speculate that it will be a double knockout spectacular.

And finally, at Misawa vs Ryder, Willem Ruska threw out an open challenge to anybody who wanted to fight. The challenge was accepted by Triple H, who got his ass kicked by Ruska in the first round. Ruska's blood lust has not been purged, and he wants another victim. Who will be foolish enough to challenge Ruska this time?


Matches Stipulation
Mitsuharu Misawa (c) vs Tatanka Brawl 4 All Championship
Eddie Bravo and Ariya Daivari vs The Johnsons (Dick and Rod) Tag Team
Mike Awesome vs Yoshihiro Takayama Two out of Three Falls
Willem Ruska vs Caprice Coleman Willem Ruska's Open Challenge
Jim Duggan vs Abyss vs Rex Lawless vs Miguel Perez Jr. vs Chris Harris vs Bradshaw vs Randy Couture  vs Kota Ibushi 8 Man Fuckfest
Chuck Mambo & Onryo vs Masao Inoue and Louie Spicolli Tag Team
D'Lo Brown vs Ivelisse Velez Non-Stop Fight
Randy Orton vs Johnny Swinger vs Xavier Woods vs Saturn vs Luke Harper vs Razor Ramon Syxx-Pac Challenge
The Barbarian and Akam vs Dario Cueto and Mike Awesome Tag Team
Jamie-San vs Curt Hennig vs Lance Storm vs Baretta vs Randy Savage Zandig Challenge/Jeezus Special
Bobby Eaton, Low Ki, Head and Chojun Miyagi vs Psychosis, Sunny, Hisakatsu Oya and Alex Wright 4V4 Barbed Wire Deathmatch


# Winner Loser(s) Notes
1 Abyss Jim Duggan, Chris Harris, Bradshaw, Miguel Perez Jr., Randy Couture, Kota Ibushi and Rex Lawless

Jim Duggan eliminated via backdrop

Chris Harris either knocked himself out or was hit with a black hole slam

Bradshaw eliminated via

Miguel eliminated via Golden Star Bomb

Randy Couture eliminated via chokebomb

Kota Ibushi eliminated via

Rex Lawless eliminated via

2 Masao Inoue and Louie Spicolli Chuck Mambo & Onryo

Onryo eliminated via backdrop

Inoue eliminated via

Mambo eliminated via Spicolli Driver

3 D'Lo Brown Ivelisse Velez Knockout via atomic drop
4 Randy Orton Johnny Swinger, Xavier Woods, Saturn, Luke Harper and Razor Ramon
5 Willem Ruska Caprice Coleman Rund 3, 3:07 KO
6 The Barbarian and Akam Dario Cueto and Mike Awesome

Awesome eliminated via death valley driver

Dario eliminated via death valley driver

7 Randy Savage Jamie-San, Curt Hennig, Lance Storm and Baretta

Hennig eliminated via arm wringer

Jamie-San eliminated via cradle piledriver

Baretta eliminated via Half and Half suplex

Storm eliminated via elbow to the spine

8 Eddie Bravo and Ariya Daivari The Johnsons (Dick and Rod)

A Johnson had his fucking arm broken

The other Johnson got kicked in the fucking head

9 Mike Awesome Yoshihiro Takayama

Fall 1 out of 3

Takayama submit to the camel clutch

10 Mike Awesome Yoshihiro Takayama

Fall 2 out of 3

Awesome pinned Takayama with the Awesome Splash

11 Bobby Eaton, Low Ki, Head and Chojun Miyagi Psychosis, Sunny, Hisakatsu Oya and Alex Wright
Main Event Mitsuharu Misawa Tatanka Misawa won in Round 2, 3:54 via elbow