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Brawl 4 All 3: Misawa vs Shamrock is an upcoming nL Brawl 4 All event. The event is currently scheduled to take place March 10, 2018. The main event will see Brawl 4 All Champion Mitsuharu Misawa defend against Ken Shamrock.


Ken Shamrock stands tall as the very first winner of nL's Brawl 4 All tournaments. His career, however, seemed to stall afterwards, not appearing again until Brawl 4 All: Misawa vs Ryder, where he fought the three other previous winners (Abyss, Chyna and Rikishi), winning after submitting both Rikishi and Abyss. A month later, following Misawa vs Tatanka, the Brawl 4 All Committee decided to give Ken Shamrock a title fight against the most defendingest champion in Brawl 4 All history (that is to say the only person to actually successfully defend it), champion Mitsuharu Misawa. These two titans will collide soon.

Following a devistating loss to Takayama at Misawa vs Ryder, Mike Awesome vowed to get back at him. And though he lost a tag team match earlier in the night, Awesome made good on that promise at Misawa vs Tatanka as he defeated Takayama two falls to nothing. While many assumed this would lead him to a title opportunity, the Brawl 4 All Committee had other plans, as it was decided that Awesome would face another intense competitor with a tarnished record, Abyss. Abyss, being a former Brawl 4 All tournament winner, is no stranger to danger. Now both men's wills and bodies will be put to the test as these two monsters among men will brawl inside a weapons filled, 20ft high steel cage, with the winner earning an opportunity at the winner of the Brawl 4 All Championship bout.

Since his debut Willem Ruska has been an unstopable beast. Claiming the unofficial title of "King of Open Challenge", Ruska has taken on all challenges, all two of them so far. But the heat is on Ruska now more than ever, as a third consecutive win will surely put him in line for a future Brawl 4 All Championship opportunity. Can Ruska's mystery opponent throw all of his momentum out the window? Or will the KoOC prove once again why the octagon is his kitchen?

And finally, after several shows of multi-man action, it's finally time for a champion of multi-man matches to be crowned. 8 competetors will square off in an 8 Way Scramble to crown the first ever champion of a title that has no name as of right now. Who will rise up and take it?


Matches Stipulation
Mitsuharu Misawa (c) vs Ken Shamrock Brawl 4 All Championship
Mike Awesome vs Abyss Steel Cage Deathmatch to determine the #1 Contender for the Brawl 4 All Championship
Willem Ruska (c) vs Balls Mahoney King of Open Challenge
The Disciple vs Moose vs Kevin Nash vs Hayabusa vs Barry Darsow vs Killian Dain vs Ernest Miller vs Homicide 8 Way Fuckfest for the Fuckfest Championship
Ring Ka Sting (nWo "Sting" and Sonjay Dutt) vs Xtremely Funny (Doink the Clown and Matt Hardy) Tag Team match
Little Guido vs Ricky Fuji Deathmatch
Yoshinami Ogawa vs El Generico vs Kama Mustafa vs Kevin Nash vs Steve Austin vs BXB Hulk 6 Man free 4 all
Tomoaki Honma and El Patron vs The Clown Car (Jeff Jarrett and Doink the Clown) Tag Team match
Scotty 2 Hotty vs Lance Catamaran vs Kenny Omega vs Ricochet vs Bray Wyatt There Was Five of Them
Blue's Clues (Kensuke Sasaki, Bob Backlund and Chuck Liddell) vs 3 Count (Shane Helms, Super Calo and Eita) 6 Man Tag Team match
Vader and Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs Obariyon and Mickie James Tag Team match


# Winner(s) Loser(s) Notes
1 Moose Barry Darsow, Ernest Miller, The Disciple, Killian Dain, Homicide and Kevin Nash

Barry Darsow eliminated via superkick

Ernest Miller tapped to something

The Disciple eliminated via a lariat

Killian Dain eliminated via chokebomb

Homicide eliminated via rainmaker

Kevin Nash eliminated via Go 2 Knee

Moose is officially the first Fuckfest Champion

2 Matt Hardy and Doink nWo Sting and Sonjay Dutt

NWO Sting eliminated via Twist of Fate

Sonjay Dutt eliminated somehow

3 Ricky Fuji Little Guido Fuji killed Guido with a superkick after 19:30 of fucking murder
4 Kevin Nash El Generico, BXB Hulk, Yoshinami Ogawa, Steve Austin and Kama Mustafa

Generico eliminated via emerald flowison

BXB eliminated via

Ogawa eliminated via shoulder breaker

Austin eliminated

Kama eliminated via lariat

5 Willem Ruska Balls Mahoney Ruska broke Balls' arm in 4:34 of round 1
6 Tomoaki Honma and El Patron Jeff Jarrett and Doink the Clown

Doink eliminated via

Honma eliminated via

Jarrett eliminated via gut buster

7 Lance Catamaran Kenny Omega, Scotty 2 Hotty, Ricochet and Bray Wyatt

Omega eliminated via Chokeslam

Scotty eliminated via chokeslam

Ricochet eliminated via sister abigail

Wyatt submit to the Shut the Fuck

8 Kensuke Sasaki, Bob Backlund and Chuck Liddell Shane Helms, Super Calo and Eita

Super Calo eliminated via ass bomb

Eita eliminated via double backdrop

Helms submit via choke

9 Mike Awesome Abyss Awesome submit Abyss with a camel clutch
10 Vader and Yoshinobu Kanemaru Obariyon and Mickie James

Mickie James eliminated via back elbows

Obariyon eliminated via clubbing blows

Main Event Mitsuharu Misawa Ken Shamrock Misawa knocked out Shamrock with a tiger driver at 1:19 of round 3 to retain the championship.
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