Brawl 4 All: Misawa vs Ryder was an Brawl 4 All event that took place on January 14th, 2018. The event was headlined by the Brawl 4 All Championshipbout between champion Mitsuharu Misawa and challenger


Zack Ryder.


On January 8th, 2018, Mitsuharu Misawa defeated then champion Eddie Bravo to win the Brawl 4 All Championship. Following this, in the main event, Zack Ryder won a four way fight to become the #1 contender for Misawa's title. Despite Dino's desire to see this historic match-up, Johnny insisted that the match be given time to build up. The boys also discussed other matches, indicating a full show would be held around the big title match.


Matches Stipulation
Mitsuharu Misawa (c) vs Zack Ryder Brawl 4 All Championship
Eddie Bravo vs Dick Johnson
Ken Shamrock vs Abyss vs Chyna vs Rikishi
Willem Ruska vs Triple H Willem Ruska's Open Challenge
Eddie Edwards, Ultimo Dragon, Kairi Sane, Curt Hennig, Jeff Jarrett, Goldust, No Way Jose, Undertaker
Daniel Cormier vs Tatanka
Ultimo Dragon and Chris Jericho vs Steve Jennum and Hiroyoshi Tenzan Tag Team
Yun Yang vs Cody Rhodes
Vitor Belfort and Jimmy Garvin vs Sean O'Haire and Val Venis "Exploding" Cage Match
Mike Awesome vs Yoshihi Takayama Actual Deathmatch
El Desperado vs X-Pac vs Koko B. Ware vs Jim Duggan vs Colt Cabana vs Kane


# Winner Loser Notes
1 Undertaker Kairi Sane, Curt Hennig, No Way Jose, Eddie Edwards, Goldust, Jeff Jarrett and Ultimo Dragon


1. Kairi Sane via spin kick

2. Curt Hennig via Back Drop Driver

3. No Way Jose via piledriver

4. Eddie Edwards via director's cut

5. Goldust via chokeslam

6. Jeff Jarrett via tombstone

7. Ultimo Dragon via chainsaw

2 Tatanka Daniel Cormier Round 3 00:45
3 Steve Jennum and Hiroyoshi Tenzan Ultimo Dragon and Chris Jericho


1. Jericho taps out to an armbar

2. Ultimo taps out to an anaconda vice

4 Cody Yun Yang Round 2 2:21
5 Willem Ruska Triple H Round 1 4:19
6 Sean O'Haire and Val Venis Vitor Belfort and Jimmy Garvin Jimmy Garvin knocked out
7 Ken Shamrock Chyna, Rikishi and Abyss


1. Chyna via kick to the face

2. Rikishi vis achilles hold

3. Abyss via critical tapout

8 Yoshihi Takayama Mike Awesome Awesome tapped out to a legbar
9 Dick Johnson Eddie Bravo Round 2 3:11 via knuckle arrow
10 Jim Duggan

El Desperado, X-Pac, Koko B. Ware, Colt Cabana and Kane


1. Desperado via powerbomb

2. X-Pac via something from Koko

3. Koko via elbow drop

4. Colt Cabana via punches

5. Kane via ass bomb

Main Event Mitsuharu Misawa Zack Ryder Round 3 2:20 via tiger suplex to retain