Backlash 2007 was a PPV hosted by newLEGACYinc. It was a 5 match card. The official theme was "Buy U A Drank" by T-Pain.


No. Match Stipulation Notes
1 West Coast Pop (Johnny Nitro & Rey Mysterio) def. The Undertaker & Vito Tornado Tag Team match for the vacant United States Championship
  • This match was for the United States Champiohship after Vito killed former champion Eddie Guerrero with his dress.
  • Undertaker won't stop no-selling Mysterios offence.
  • Mysterio eliminated Vito with the La Magistral.
  • Nitro was DQ'd for attacking Undertaker with a barbed wire baseball bat.
  • Mysterio pinned Undertaker with the 619 into the "I Love My Mom" to become the champion
2 JBL def. Chris Benoit, Edge and Matt Hardy Fatal 4 Way Tables Match for the vacant Intercontinental Championship
  • JBL did a dive onto Benoit through a table to become champion.
  • Post match he invested in the title and renamed it the InterJohntinental Championship

The Two Faces of Foley (Mick Foley & Cactus Jack) vs Triple H & Moonkind

Tables, Ladders & Chairs Tornado Tag Team Match for the vacant WWE Tag Team Championship
  • Triple H is Mick Foley from the year 2020, Moonkind is a failed clone of Mick Foley from the moon. This is actual lore.
  • Mick Foley and Moonkind pinned Triple H and Cactus Jack respectively, making them the tag team champions together.
4 Hulk Hogan def. Shane McMahon, Bam Bam Bigellow and Booker T Fatal 4 Way Steel Cage Match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship and control of the company
  • Shane earned entry into this match by being the son of the owner.
  • Bam Bam earned entry into this match by being the owner.
  • Booker T earned entry into this match by being jacked.
  • Hulk Hogan earned entry into this match by being a real American.
  • Hogan pinned Booker with a small package while Bam Bam tried escaping.
Main Event The Rock vs The Extended Family(Randy Orton, Bret Hart & Lance Cade) One on Trio Match for the vacant WWE Championship
  • If The Extended Family win they freebird the title. If The Rock wins, he wins.
  • The match never happened as Lance Cade brought peace between the two families, bringing The Rock into the family
Real Main Event Dusty Rhodes def. Kane, Ken Kennedy and Umaga Fatal Four Way Ladder Match for the vacant WWE Championship and position of commissioner
  • JFK is speaking through Ken Kennedy
  • Dusty won by pulling the belt down after being murdered via ladder suplexes a million times.

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