WWE is one of the three brands under the Titan Sports Entertainment Incorporated umbrella in the 2K17 nL Universe. The other two brands are WCW and ECW.


Active Competitors:Edit

Superstar/diva Finishers Win/Loss Record Notes:
Alberto Del Rio Cross Arm Breaker 0-1
Andre the Giant Happyslam 0-1
Big Cass East River Crossing 0-0
Big E Big Ending 0-0
Booker T Scissors Kick/Book End 0-0
Braun Strowman A million fucking things 0-0
Bray Wyatt Sister Abigail 1-0
Brian Pillman Air Pillman 0-0
Brock Lesnar F5 0-0
Bushwacker Luke 0-0
Carmella Code of Silence 0-1
Curtis Axel The Axehole 0-0
Diego Back Attack 0-1
Fernando Backstabber 0-0

Intercontinental Champion

JBL Clothesline From Hell 0-0
Jim Neidhart Anvil Flattener 0-0
John Cena Ballgame 1-0
Kalisto Salida del Sol 0-0
Kevin Owens Pop-Up Powerbomb 0-0

WWE Champion

Lex Luger Torture Rack 1-0
Lita DDT/Moonsault 1-0
Luke Harper Discus Lariat 0-0 WWE Tag Team Champion
Mark Henry World's Strongest Slam 1-0
The Miz Skull Crushing Finale 0-0
Natalya Sharpshooter 0-0
Neville Break Orbit 0-0
Nikki Bella Rack Attack 0-0
R-Truth What's Up 0-0
Road Dogg Pumphandle Slam 0-0
Samoa Joe Muscle Buster/Coquina Clutch 0-1
Sasha Banks Banks Statement 0-0
Sin Cara Senton Bomb 0-0

Mr. Irrelevant

Tamina Snuka Superkick 0-0 Women's Champion
Trish Stratus Stratusfaction/Chick Kick 0-0
The Undertaker Tombstone Piledriver 0-0 WWE Tag Team Champion

Other Employees:Edit

Name Position
Duel Draft Representative; Definitely not the GM
Color commentary
Jericho Color commentary
Johnny Color commentary
Slip Official Timekeeper
Thad Ass Official Referee

Tag Teams & Stables:Edit

Name Members
NXT Carmella & nobody else, just Carmella
Perros Del Matadores Alberto Del Rio & Diego. Also El Torito (He's really small though)
Perros Dos Matadores Road Dogg & Fernando
Thats What I DoDoDo Doooooooo John Cena & Mark Henry
The Truckstop Luke Harper, Kevin Owens, The Undertaker & Lex Luger

Championship HistoryEdit

WWE Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Kevin Owens 1 1+ Live Event Won during a tour. The tapes were burned

WWE Intercontinental Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Fernando 1 1+ Live Event Diego was originally going to win the title, but Fernando attacked him from behind and took his place. He is now recognized as the inaugural champion. This took place during a tour. The tapes were burned

WWE Women's Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Tamina 1 1+ Live Event Won the title in a triple threat including Carmella and Lita during a tour. The tapes were burned

WWE Tag Team Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 The Truckstop 1 1+ Live Event Won during a tour. The tapes were burned


Episode 1:Edit

# Match Stipulation Notes Time
1 Fernando did a promo Promo
  • Crash! Bam! Boom! Slash!
  • Fernando has voices in his head.
  • Luke Harper attacked Fernando backstage after this promo. Hoping to bring the IC Title to the Truckstop and have complete control of RAW
2 Thats What I DoDoDo Doooooooo (John Cena & Mark Henry) def. Perros Del Matadores (Alberto Del Rio & Diego) Tag Team Match
  • The winner of this match gets the rights to their entrance music.
  • Mark Henry jumped off the apron, could there be problems?
  • So did Del Rio
  • Fuck this entire match
  • John Cena FINALLY pinned Del Rio with 500 fucking Ballgames.
  • Cena pinned Diego with the Ballgame to, thankfully, end this match.
  • John Cena and Mark Henry now own the really cool generic theme music.
3 Lita def. Carmella Falls Count Anywhere Women's Match
  • Lita wanted to take Carmella's title of being the "Most F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Diva in NXT"
  • Lita pinned Carmella with a moonsault.
  • The match never actually went to the outside even with the stipulation of FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE(though Lita did tease going to the outside by going on the apron, but that was labeled as Lita being rusty.)
4 Bray Wyatt def. Andre the Giant Drunken Sailor Match
  • Bray pinned Andre with Sister Abigail
  • Both men are drunk for this entire match.
  • Turns out everyone got fucking drunk tonight. Well, they are in Australia afterall.
Main Event Lex Luger def. Samoa Joe Singles match
  • This was part one of Samoa Joe's Truckstop Challenge. If he could beat Luger, Harper, and Taker, he could be NOC for the WWE Championship.
  • Luger pinned Joe by reversing a pin attempt into his own pin. Joe has failed his challenge
  • Kevin Owens came out to celebrate his best friend's victory. But Lex Luger seems to want Owens title since he beat Joe.

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