WCW is one of the three brands under the Titan Sports Entertainment Incorporated umbrella in the 2K17 nL Universe. The other two brands are WWE and ECW.


Active Competitors:Edit

Superstar/diva Finishers Win/Loss Record Notes:
Alexa Bliss Twisted Bliss 0-0
Alundra Blayze German Suplex 0-1
Arn Anderson DDT 1-0
Asuka Asuka Lock 0-0
Bam Bam Bigelow Wham Bam Thank you Maam 0-0
Baron Corbin End of Days 0-0 WCW Tag Team Champion
Becky Lynch Disarm-her 0-0
Big Boss Man Boss Man Slam 1-0
Big Show Chokeslam/WMD 0-0
Brie Bella Bella Buster 0-0
Bubba Ray Dudley Alabama Hot Pocket 0-0
Chad Gable Chaos Theory 0-0 WCW Tag Team Champion
Christian Killswitch 0-0
Dana "Madusa" Brooke Brookeback Mountain 1-0 Is Married to Eddie GIlbert
Daniel Bryan YES Lock/Running Knee 0-0
Dolph Ziggler Zig Zag 0-0
Earthquake Earthquake Splash 0-1 He is also the Shark
Emma Emma Lock 0-0 WCW Women's Champion
Enzo Amore Some sort of DDT? 0-0
Finn Balor Coup De Grace 0-0
Goldberg Jackhammer 0-1

WCW World Heavyweight Champion

Heath Slater Impailer DDT 0-0
Kofi Kingston Trouble in Paradise 0-0
Mr. Perfect Perfect Plex 0-0
Murphy Murphy's Law 0-0
Randy Orton RKO 0-0
Real "The Actual" Steamboat Diving Crossbody 1-0
Rikishi Banzai Drop/Rikishi Driver 0-1
The Rock Rock Bottom/The People's Elbow 1-0
Rusev The Accolade 0-1 Is married to "Lana". Lana is his flagpole
Scott Dawson Inverted Figure 4 Leg Lock 0-0
Sting Scorpion Deathlock/Scorpion Death Drop 0-0
Tyson Kidd Sharpshooter 0-1 Possibly dead now
The Ultimate Warrior Warrior Splash 0-0
Viktor Fall of Man 0-0 WCW United States Champion

Other Employees:Edit

Name Position
Duel Color commentary
Jericho Draft Representative; Definitely not the GM
Color commentary
Johnny Color commentary
Manny Ramirez Official Referee
Slip Official Timekeeper

Tag Teams & Stables:Edit

Name Members
American Wolves Chad Gable & Baron Corbin
DA87 Daniel Bryan & Rusev
Child Predators (SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE CHANGE) Heath Slater & Randy Orton
The Akwarium Dolph Ziggler, Earthquake, Viktor & Finn Balor

Championship HistoryEdit

WCW Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Goldberg 1 1+ Live Event Won by last eliminating Daniel Bryan in a company wide Battle Royal during a tour. The tapes were burned

WCW United States Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Viktor 1 1+ Live Event Defeated Buddy Murphy to become the first ever champ. Filmed during a tour. The tapes were burned

WCW Women's Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Emma 1 1+ Live Event Originally the winner was Alundra Blayze. She didn't want the title and threw it in the trash, Emma fished it out and was officially inaugrated as first WCW Woman's champ. This all took place during a tour. The tapes were burned

WCW Tag Team Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 American Wolves (Chad Gable & Baron Corbin) 1 1+ Live Event Won during a tour. The tapes were burned


Episode 1:Edit

# Match Stipulation Notes Time
1 Big Boss Man def. Rikishi Singles match
  • Bossman personally requested this match so he can arrest Rikishi for being a dirty criminal.
  • Bossman pinned Rikishi with the Bossman Slam
  • Since Bossman defeated Rikishi. He must now spend the next week in the slammer.
2 Dana Brooke def. Alundra Blayze Women's match
  • Duel tried to sabotage the show by running Alundra over with a monster truck a few days before the show
  • Dana pinned Blayze with Brookeback Mountain
  • The winner of this match becomes Madusa and marries Eddie Gilbert.
3 Real "The Actual" Steamboat def. Tyson Kidd Singles match
  • Steamboat killed Tyson Kidd by breaking his neck with a Hook 'n' Ladder
  • Ricky Steamboat is a real steamboat.
4 Arn Anderson def. Earthquake and Rusev Triple Threat Match
  • Arn Anderson pinned Earthquake with the Double A Spinebuster
  • It's a bearfest here tonight.
Main Event The Rock def. Goldberg Falls Count Anywhere
  • In Typical WCW Fashion, a big profile match is given away on free TV
  • The Rock pinned Goldberg after a million fucking Rock Bottoms on the outside.
  • With a win over Goldberg, The Rock is in the title picture.

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