ECW is one of the three brands under the Titan Sports Entertainment Incorporated umbrella in the 2K17 nL Universe. The other two brands are WWE and WCW. The new ECW prides itself on the same principles as the original company: Hardcore action, a home for bright young future stars to develop in, some old guys hanging around, and no drug policy.


Active Competitors:Edit

Superstar/diva Finishers Win/Loss Record Notes:
AJ Styles Styles Clash/Phenominal Forearm 0-1
Alicia Fox Scissors Kick 0-1 Queen of Extreme
Bayley Bayley to Belly 0-0
Billy Gunn Fameasser 0-1
The British Bulldog Running Powerslam 0-0
Bushwacker Butch 0-0
Cactus Jack Prickly Cactus Piledriver 0-0
Cesaro Gotch Nutralizer 0-0
Charlotte Figure 8 Leg Lock 0-0
Chris Jericho Walls of Jericho/Bicycle Codebreaker 1-0
D-Von Dudley Saving Grace 0-0
Dean Ambrose Dirty Deans 0-0
Dusty Rhodes Bionic Elbow 0-0
Edge Spear 0-0

ECW Tag Team Champion

Eva Marie Sliced Red 0-0
Hideo Itami G2S 0-0

ECW Tag Team Champion

Jack Swagger Partiot Lock/Swagger Bomb 0-0
Konnor Fall of Man 0-0
"The Cruncher" Larry Zbyszko Going into Bruno's Backyard 0-0
Naomi She Calls it the Rear View 1-0
Paige Paige Turner 0-0
Randy Savage Savage Elbow 0-0
Ric Flair Figure 4 Leg Lock 0-0 Undefeated in promos
Rick Rude Rude Awakening 0-0
Roman Reigns Spear 0-0
Sami Zayn Helluva Kick/Koji Clutch 0-0
Scott Hall Razor's Edge 0-0

ECW Television Champion. 0-1 in Promos

Seth Rollins Pedigree/Curb Stomp 0-0

ECW Champion

Shane McMahon Leap of Faith 0-0
Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music 0-1
Stone Cold Steve Austin Stone Cold Stunner 0-0
Tatsumi Fujinami Dragon Suplex/Dragon Sleeper 1-0
Titus O'Neil Clash of the Titus 0-0
Typhoon Tidal Splash 1-0
Zack Ryder Rough Ryder 0-0

Other Employees:Edit

Name Position
Duel Color commentary
Jericho Color commentary
Johnny Draft Representative; Definitely not the GM
Color commentary
Slip Official Timekeeper
Slick-Shoe Samuel Official Referee

Tag Teams & Stables:Edit

Name Members
Beauty and the Butch Bushwacker Butch & Rick Rude
The Broman Empire Zack Ryder & Roman Reigns
Fighting Spearit Hideo Itami & Edge
Dangerous Alliance Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin & D-Von Dudley

Championship HistoryEdit

ECW Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Seth Rollins 1 1+ Live Event Won during a tour. The tapes were burned

ECW Television Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Scott Hall 1 1+ Live Event Won during a tour. The tapes were burned

Queen of Extreme:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Alicia Fox 1 1+ Live Event Beat Bayley in a 1v1 Battle Royal for the championship during a tour. The tapes were burned

ECW Tag Team Championship:Edit

# Champion No. of Reigns Days Held Event Notes:
1 Fighting Spearit (Edge & Hideo Itami) 1 1+ Live Event Won during a tour. The tapes were burned


Episode 1:Edit

# Match Stipulation Notes Time
1 Ric Flair made a promo Promo
  • Ric Flair is pissed that people were making memes of him.
  • Flair called out TV Champion Scott Hall.
  • Hall challenged to a match.
  • Flair won the promo
  • Flair is fucking drunk.
2 Typhoon def. AJ Styles Singles match
  • Typhoon pinned AJ with the standing elbow drop
  • AJ Styles, the number one draft pick got killed by Typhoon.
  • Seth Rollins came out to mock Styles, saying he should've been the Number 1 Draft Pick.
3 Naomi def. Alicia Fox by countout Womens match
  • Alicia Fox bailed on the match though like a coward.
4 Larry Zbysko made a promo Promo
  • "The Cruncher" has a few things to say.
  • Larry fucking shot on everyone.
5 Tatsumi Fujinami def. Billy Gunn Singles match
  • This was a student vs. teacher match
  • Fujinami submit Gunn with the Dragon Sleeper
  • Billy Gunn is NOT going to the G1 Climax
Main Event Chris Jericho def. Shawn Michaels Singles match
  • Jericho pinned Michaels with the Bicycle Codebreaker

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